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All are welcome for these informal & informative presentations by 

  • Geologists of Jackson Hole

  • Wyoming Native Plant Society

  •  JH Bird & Nature Club.

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Geologists of Jackson Hole 

Tuesday, April 20, 6PM
Active tectonics along the flank of Yellowstone investigated using terraces of the Snake River in and around Alpine Canyon

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Presented by Joel Pederson, Utah State University. Have you ever wondered how fast a canyon forms? or why the Snake River creates narrow canyons with whitewater rapids in certain reaches -- but then wide, lazy, braided channels in others? Utah State University professor Joel Pederson answers those and other questions about Jackson’s tectonically deforming landscape in a presentation of new research conducted in and around Alpine Canyon. 

In addition to the famous volcanism of Yellowstone hotspot, as our tectonic plate has moved, models predict a corresponding wave of uplift at the plume’s leading edge and then the collapse of topography in its wake. Studying the patterns and rates of canyon incision by rivers flowing off the Yellowstone plateau can test these models and improve our understanding of the geodynamics and the hazards in the region. Joel presents research mapping and dating river terraces along the transect of the lower Hoback and upper Snake rivers, across zones of changing fault activity and canyon cutting, into the Snake River Plain. Results reveal the patterns and potential causes of incision and deformation in the region. 

Teton Plant Society

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JH Bird & Nature Club


Birds and Windows - a Bad Place to Meet
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Reducing bird collisions with windows in residential and commercial environments, presented by Linda Johnson and colleagues from Great Salt Lake Audubon.

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