VITA Free Tax Prep 2021

image of the Teton VITA logo with the words "free tax prep at TCL with new low-contact process

Now extended through May 1!

IRS-certified tax preparers do your taxes -- follow these steps in our new low-contact process:

image of a hand holding a tax form

Step 1: Pick up a tax prep packet inside the main library door or download the three packet documents here:
-Directions for preparing tax packet
-Form 14446 Virtual VITA/TCE taxpayer consent
-Form 13614-C intake/interview
-Stimulus question form

image of a pencil and tax form

Step 2: Homework

-Follow directions in packet to complete forms and gather your tax documents.

-Click here to make your Drop-Off appointment.

button that says click here to make an appointment

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 Step 3: Drop-Off appointment at the library

-Come to the library parking lot North Door (look for sign).

-Follow directions on sign to contact tax preparer, who will come out to speak to you.

-Leave packet to be processed.

image of a thumbs up and completed tax form

 Step 4: Review/Sign appointment

-VITA contacts you when your taxes are completed.

-Make your Review/Sign appointment.

button that says click here to make an appointment

-Come to library parking lot North Door, once again follow the directions to contact tax preparers

-Volunteer will bring out your tax return to review and sign.

image to indicate e-file

Step 5: VITA e-files your taxes

(e-file is highly recommended, but VITA can prepare paper returns)


  • Appointments may take about 30 minutes.
  • Prepare your packet and make your Drop-Off appointment ASAP.
  • Tax processing time depends on volunteer work flow.
  • After you have been notified that your taxes are complete, make your Review/Sign appointment ASAP.
  • Only a limited number of appointments are available. Make your appointment as soon as you are ready. We cannot accommodate a late March/April rush.
  • Limited Drop-offs and Review/Signs may be allowed without an appointment if volunteers are not busy; show up at the parking lot North Door and follow instructions on the sign to contact the tax program.
  • Appointments are your best bet for getting in!

Do you qualify for VITA to prepare your taxes?  

image showing income limit guidelines

What kind of returns does VITA prepare?  

image of a check mark

We DO PREPARE and efile**

  • Returns with claims for those who didn’t receive Economic Impact Payments 
  • Prior year tax returns
  • Self-employment, independent contractor returns
  • Tax credits: EITC, education, child care….
  • Schedules A, B, C, D
  • ITIN application (paper) tax returns  

image of an "x"         


  • Rentals (schedule E) (includes Air B&B)
  • Depreciation
  • NY, CA, Conn, complex state returns
  • Healthcare with “shared policy allocation           
  • 1040 N/R (non-residents: in US less than 183 days)
  • Very complex returns, unusual investment returns

**incomplete lists, email questions to


  • Call VITA at (307)264-5777 if you need help making appointments or have questions about the tax prep process.

  • Email VITA at if you have questions while preparing your packet, or tax-specific questions. Never share PII over email (personally identifiable information like social security numbers, birth dates, and ITIN numbers).

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