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The Basics

  • Digital audiobooks check out for 7 or 14 days. You can change your default checkout period.
  • Users can have 10 digital audiobooks checked out at one time. Digital audiobooks can be returned early if needed.
  • Users will never receive late fees—the files automatically stop working at the end of their checkout period, and/or the user can simply delete them at or before the end of the checkout period.
  • Digital audiobooks can only be checked out to one person at a time. Therefore some items may be unavailable and users will need to place a hold.
  • Digital audiobooks work almost exactly the same as ebooks with OverDrive. The only difference is that on a computer you will use a different software, OverDrive Media Console, to listen to audiobooks or transfer them to an MP3 player.

Computer or Nook Simple Touch
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Kindle & Kindle PaperWhite
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iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, other App based devices
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Get the OverDrive app or OverDrive software for:
PC or Mac  |  iPhone or iPad  |  Android Kindle Fire

OverDrive works on almost any computer or device.
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Click here to download apps to use the Cloud Library at home or on the go

Help with using the Cloud Library | Known Issues

What is available and what can I check out?

  • Books include bestsellers and popular authors.
  • You may check out 3 books at a time for 14 days each.
  • Books may be returned early.
  • Books may only be checked out by one person at a time.
  • Users may place up to three holds at a time
  • Users have five days to claim a title on hold before it moves on to the next person in the queue.
  • Users may synch a book to read on up to five different devices.
  • Note that use of ebooks on library computers is limited due to restrictions on digital rights. Check with library staff if you have questions.

How do I use the Cloud Library?
You will need your WYLD library card and PIN.  You card must be in good standing (not expired, barred or blocked).
Contact your local public library if you need a library card. 
If you have your card, but do not know your PIN, you may request it here.

The Cloud Library will detect if you have already registered your PC or device with an Adobe ID and will use that information to manage the digital rights for ebook files.  If you do not have an Adobe ID, the Cloud Library can provide one for you.  However, for the best experience with ebooks and transfering from a PC to a device, you should create an Adobe ID. help with Adobe IDs

If you are a Freading user, you will already have installed Adobe Digital Editions and registered an Adobe ID

Option 1 - Use the PC software or the Mac software  to checkout and download books on your home computer.  The PC or Mac software allows you to move the books to another device, like a Nook Simple Touch or Sony eReader. The Cloud Library is not compatible with standard Kindles or the Kindle Paperwhite, but you can use it with a Kindle Fire.
Help with the PC app | Download the PC or Mac apps

Option 2 - Use the mobile apps:
  iOS (Apple devices) - 3M Cloud App for iOS (latest version - 1.41)
  Android devices - 3M Cloud app for Android (latest version - 1.41)
  Kindle Fire or Fire HD - Kindle Fire (latest version - 1.41.0)
  Nook Tablets - 3M Cloud app for Nook Color (latest version 1.34.17)


LOGIN to RB Digital

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The Basics

First time users create a new account.
You will need your WYLD library card number and PIN.
You will need to install the OneClick/RB Digital Media Manager to download and transfer files.

Returning users login now

  • Check out up to 15 audiobooks at a time.
  • Audiobooks are checked out for 14 days and can be renewed if there are no holds.
  • Works with Windows and MacOS
  • Thousands of titles available for multiple users

Get the OneClickdigital/RB Digital software or app for:
iPhone (iOS 4+) | Android 2.1+  | Amazon Kindle Fire | Login with your OneClick website account.

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