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What’s InstantFlix?
Founded by filmmakers, InstantFlix curates the best (or possibly the weirdest, depending on your taste) from worldwide film festivals to make sure indies have an audience.

Members get access to unlimited shorts, documentaries, and features. Members can enjoy the movies on their computers, or in their living rooms via Roku and Xbox 360.

Access to InstantFlix through my library?
If you are a library patron and have access to InstantFlix through your library you do not need to pay for membership, however you must create an account with InstantFlix. If you have any questions about library access please email rbdigitalsupport@recordedbooks.com.

Are all the films on the site shorts?
We have thousands of films to explore and sink into, including full-length features and documentaries. Of course, there are lots of shorts available, to watch during a coffee break, or while waiting at the doctor’s office or in line at airport security.

What do I need to watch films on InstantFlix?
Just a broadband Internet connected device—the faster the better.

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