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The Basics

  • All you need is a web browser or the Zinio app to get all our digital magazines right at your fingertips.
  • There are no due dates or hold lists…access any magazine, any time, and keep it as long as you like.
  • Zinio for Libraries works on your PC or Mac, iOS and Android devices including most smart phones and tablets.
  • The Zinio Reader app can only be used to read your magazines. Browsing the collection and subscribing to magazines must be done using a web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile device!
  • The Zinio app unfortunately does not work with the Nook HD or HD+ or on dedicated ereaders such as the Nook SImple Touch, Kindle Touch, or older Kindle models. However, on the Nook HD or HD+, you can still read magazines by using the built in web browser. Using the web browser isn’t as integrated an experience as the Zinio app, but you can access the service.
  • Only magazines found on the library’s Zinio page are available at no cost.
  • Our digital magazines reflect the wide interests of our customers and not all content may be suited for all ages.

Zinio Instructions
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Instructions for New users

Zinio for Libraries uses two accounts and two websites to acquire and read magazines. It may seem complicated at first, but once you have the two accounts created it is very easy to use.

  1. TCL Zinio Account and Website
    The TCL Zinio account and website is used to browse the library’s digital magazine collection and subscribe to new magazines. You can not read magazines from this account and website. This website is just to get new magazines.
  2. Zinio.com account and Website
    The free Zinio.com account allows you to read the magazines you subscribed to on the TCL website. You also use this Zinio.com account to deliver those magazines to a Zinio Reader app on your computer or mobile device. You can not get new magazinesfrom the library at Zinio.com.Use your Zinio.com login to register the app on your device.

Follow these steps to create your TCL-Zinio account. The TCL-Zinio account is only used to get new content.

  1. Click or tap here to go to the library’s Zinio for Libraries page.
  2. Leave email and password fields empty and click or tap on Create Account. When prompted, enter your Library Card Number and click or tap Validate.
  3. On the subsequent screen, enter email and password information and click or tapCreate Account.
  4. An activation link will be sent to your email account.
  5. Open your email and click on the Activation Link in your email account to Confirm your account status.
  6. Click on the Login link on the account confirmation screen or come back to this page to login and begin browsing the collection.

Instructions for Returning User

Follow these steps to browse using your TCL-Zinio login and subscribe by creating a free Zinio.com account and login. The Zinio.com account is used only to read magazines or delivery magazines to the app.

  1. Go to the library’s Zinio for Libraries page. Login with your TCL-Zinio login.
  2. Use the available navigation tools to search for the magazine(s) of your choice.To subscribe to a magazine, simply click on its cover image.
  3. After you select your first magazine in the TCL-Zinio Collection, a second browser window will open to Zinio.com.
    First-time users: Click or tap on Create a Zinio Account. Enter an email address & password to create a free Zinio.com account/login.We recommend using the same email and password used to create your TCL-Zinio account.
    Returning users: Select the “Sign in here” link and login using your Zinio.com account info.
  4. After subscribing to a magazine, read it online (streaming) or read it offline using the Zinio Reader app.

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