TCL Wi-Fi HotSpot

Click to checkout with your Library card

A Teton County Library WiFi hotspot allows you to take the Internet with you.  

Connect your laptop, cell phones, eReaders and more! 

Access the Library’s Digital Content from anywhere including Movies, Music, Books, Audio Books and online classes.


How do I check out the device?
  • Either:
  • 1) Place a unit on hold for pick up by clicking the link above
  • 2) Search the catalog for the word “WiFi”
  • 3) Stop by either Jackson or Alta location
  • 4) Call in to have a librarian assist you
Who can check out this device?

Anyone who has a valid Teton County Library card can borrow a HotSpot. Don't have a Library card? Apply here.

How long can I keep it?

You can borrow it for 7 days. Overdue hotspots will have Internet access deactivated until returned.

Where can I use the hotspot?

The hotspots use Verizon data and will work within their coverage map within the United States.
However, as all Jackson/Alta residents know, the coverage map is more of a suggestion than reality in this area and the hotspot may receive no data in a variety of local locations. If the device says “no data” relocate and try again.

How do I return it?

Return to either Library location or book drop, just like other items. If using the book drop please use the MEDIA slot.

How do I renew it?

You can renew the device by logging into your account or at any Library location, just like any other Library item.

How much does it cost?

Borrowing and using the device is free!
Overdue devices will be charged $1/day.
If the device is lost or damaged a $50 replacement fee and a $5 processing fee will be charged to your Library account.

My hotspot prompted me to update the software. Should I do that?

Yes. The hotspot periodically receives software updates from the service provider. You may go ahead and accept the update.

My hotspot restarted itself. Is that OK?

Yes. The Library pushes configuration updates to the devices which causes them to automatically restart.

My hotspot has no data?

You’re in an area with no data coverage, relocate and try again. OR, your device is overdue and the data service is suspended on the unit until it is renewed or returned to the library.

What information about my Internet usage, if any, is tracked by the Library or the service provider?

The hotspot program is an opt-in service, and that the ISP is not bound to the Library's patron privacy policies. The Library maintains records of which patrons have checked out Library materials for the duration of the checkout period and may use that data to maintain proper operation of the Library in accordance with our Confidentiality of Borrower Records policy. We eliminate personally identifiable information from those records as soon as the items are returned and processed.

The Library does not collect specific usage data. The Library does not provide patron information to the service provider. The only data that the Library collects is the total amount of data transmitted and received by each device during a billing cycle.