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August 16, 2012

Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes Approved 9/20/12
Thursday, August 16, 2012 12:15 PM
Teton County Library

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM

Attending were: Board members – Patricia Moeller, Nancy Guthrie, Clark Heindl and Jim Moses; TC Commission liaison Andy Schwartz; TCL staff - Deb Adams, Dail Barbour, Christy Smirl and Sally McCullough; TCL Foundation staff - Missy Falcey and Pauline Towers-Dykeman.

Correspondence from the public: Deb presented a letter from a patron concerning gaming.  Lisa & Deb will meet with her to go over her concerns.  She has already met with the library’s Teen Program Coordinator.

Approval of Minutes: Clark moved to approve the minutes from July 19, 2012, Patricia seconded, all voted in favor.

Section 215 Report - No requests.

Friends Report – None as they have not met since June.

Foundation Report - Missy & Pauline had presented a historical perspective on the Foundation and their fundraising efforts to the staff at their last meeting.  The WY Public Library Endowment Program has nine months remaining, in which the Foundation still has a potential $500,000 they could raise that would receive a one-to-one match.  The legislature has raised the limits twice on this challenge and it is a great opportunity to receive matching funds.  Dail added there is some talk at WLA that the challenge deadline may be extended.  Pauline gave an update on Old Bill’s Fun Run. They would love 100% Board participation on the walk.  If anyone would like to contribute to the Endowment Fund through Old Bill’s please contact Missy or Pauline.

Monthly Operating Report – Questions & Answers Deb reviewed financials.
Construction Project Report – Questions & Answers Deb, Dail and Stan Zaist have reviewed the contingency and budget.  They were able to fine tune expense categories and increase the contingency fund balance by about $22,000; it is now at $63,587.  We are still not expecting any surprises going into the remodel phase of the project.  We are reusing old cabinets and furniture to save money. 
Action Items: Approve Vouchers - Nancy moved to approve the vouchers, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

Director’s Report
Staffing Update Final interviews are being conducted to fill the YS Library Assistant II position. Advertising will begin next week for the Children’s Program Coordinator position.  We will advertise through WLA, local papers and in house to get a broader pool of candidates.  Managers are still working on the best way to use or revamp some of the open positions.  Jim asked if there is a strategic plan in place for hiring staff.  Currently no specific strategic plan is in place but is more opportunistic in regard to current staff capacities and interests.  It was suggested to look at this more closely in the near future to help the library grow and become more efficient and successful without more budget dollars allocated.  We are still operating with five fewer staff than five years ago with substantially no less work.

Current Issues Discussion: E-books – Christy Smirl, MLS, Collection Development Manager Christy gave a short history of E-books.  We started with Overdrive a year ago, which was kind of late in the game but libraries have been waiting for a good product and there really hasn’t been one available yet.  We were also waiting for WY State Library to come through with a vendor.  Currently we buy the E-books one on one from Overdrive, which gives us more freedom with selection.  The state library did come through with a different set of vendors so now there is more choice for our patrons.  There are about 500 patrons in Teton County using our E-book collection.  We pay Overdrive for the service/subscription and the cost of the E-book, which can be very expensive.  Prices differ by publisher but can run $14 per book versus $100 for the E-book.  It is a lot more efficient to purchase the E-book as opposed to purchasing & processing the actual book.  If we switch vendors on E-books, all purchases are gone.  There is also the issue that some publishers do not offer their E-books to libraries at all.  ALA is doing a good job collaborating on these issues. Deb added that we’ve talked about writing to Amazon and Overdrive addressing our concerns and encouraged the board to add our voice to the issues.  Deb will send the draft letter to board members.
Action Items: None

Facilities Planning
Construction Project Update: Timeline - We are getting ready for the next closure. Books will come out of the auditorium and move into the main library area; staff will move into the auditorium while the back of house staffing area is remodeled; new study rooms will be ready to open; the south reading room area will be closed off for remodeling.  Crews are currently testing a sealing product in the parking lot, if it is good we will seal the parking lot during the closure.  The yard will remain roped off during the closure.  Lighting will be a challenge because windows on the south wall will be blocked off until January but the new lighting is in overhead and is very good.  GE Johnson and Gilday Architects have come back with four options for the south wall soffit issue.  They are going to enclose it with sheet rock from the floor to ceiling and then paint it with slits where the windows are. There was already an allowance in the budget for this option.  GEJCC will be moving our site supervisor back to Denver after the HVAC System is complete.  In November we will have a new site supervisor.

Review Change Order #2 to Architect Contract: (see attached) Gilday will be providing a credit for the engineering on the drainage issue.

Review Change Order #6&7 to CMAR Contract: (see attached) Change order #6 is in the amount of $49,936.00, for enhancements to the building for the fireplace, acoustical panels in auditorium and wall covering. This will increase the CMAR Contract but the Foundation will reimburse the library for these expenses. Change order #7 is in the amount of $15,272.00, and is for various additions and credits for registers, air ducting, and automatic door openers for glass doors into gallery.  We will also receive a credit back for winter conditions which we did not fully expend.

Recommendation on January 2013 closure: January 1-13, 2013-This will be the last closure.  The auditorium will not be done until 3 weeks after the closure. 
Action Items:
Approve Change Order #2 to Architect Contract
Approve Change Orders #6 & #7 to CMAR Contract- Patricia moved to approve Change Orders #2, #6 & #7, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.
Approve January 2013 closure dates- Clark moved to approve the January 2013 closure, Patricia seconded, all voted in favor.

New Business
Action Items: Election of Officers - Nancy nominated Lisa for President, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.  Patricia nominated Nancy for Vice President, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.  Patricia nominated Clark for Treasurer, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.
Jim will be the board liaison with the Foundation.  Lisa and Patricia will be liaisons with the Friends.

Early Retirement Incentive-Deb asked the board to consider a staff request for an Early Retirement Incentive payout, which is past the budget deadline.  She reviewed the guidelines for this incentive and also reported that this staff member has been at the top of their pay grade for several years before the county wide wage freeze (about 4 years).  The payout will be $28,000.00.
Action Items: Approve Early Retirement Incentive-Jim moved to pay the incentive, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

Clark moved to adjourn, Nancy seconded.