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College Resources

Resources to Learn About College Options:
The College Board’s Big Future site offers guides, videos, and webinars about every part of the college search and application process. Set up a profile to have the site customized to your needs. Includes article about the advertised price of college and what families actually pay.

Resources from Jackson Hole High School:
Jackson Hole High School’s College Planning Guide is available for free download. It includes important information about scholarships and deadlines for the college application process.

Resources to Explore Your Interests:
The US News College Personality Quiz helps students identify which university characteristics they find important. Discover potential career paths with a free career interest quiz

Resources to Prepare for Admissions Exams:
These sites allow users to register and prepare for the ACT and SAT exams. Teton County Library has lots of additional resources to help prepare for these exams, so please give us a call for more information.

Resources to Make a List of Potential Match Schools:
These websites have advanced search options that allow users to find colleges based on a number of different qualities.

Financial Aid information from the U.S. Government

National Scholarships:

University of Wyoming Scholarships:

Scholarships for Hispanic Students: