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December 15, 2011

Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, December 15, 2011 (Approved on 1/26/2012)

/President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order at 3:06 P.M.

Attending were: Board members Lisa Delaney, Nancy Guthrie, Bill Wotkyns, Clark Heindl;
Teton County Commission liaison Andy Schwartz; Foundation staff Pauline Towers-Dykeman; TCL staff Deb Adams, Dail Barbour, Margaret Thompson and Sally McCullough; Peggy Gilday and John Stennis from Gilday Architects and Public Art Coordinator Carrie Geraci.

Correspondence from the public: None.

Approval of Minutes: Nancy moved to approve the November 17, 2011 minutes, Bill seconded, all voted in favor.

Section 215 Report: None.

Monthly Report – Questions & Answers – Deb reported that we’re right on track for the year. We have received the audited Financial Statements for FY 2010-11, which had no notes or recommendations.  Dail noted that the correct amount received for the bookmobile was $10,700.00, not $11,700.00 as reported.  SPET receipts to date are ahead of projections by approximately $136,000.00.
Action Items: Approve Vouchers – Nancy moved to approve the December vouchers, Bill seconded, all voted in favor.

Director’s Report:
Staffing Update – Adam Van Sickle will fill the Front Desk Supervisor position.  Because this is an internal hiring we will need to fill the vacancy for the position he held.  Andy will notify the commissioners about the new vacancy. If we don’t hear back from Andy we can fill the vacancy.  Deb and Isabel are analyzing staffing for the new space.  The original estimates were to be able staff the new space with the current positions however we have lost four people since then.  They will request filling more page positions, which will be about 60 hours with no benefits.  Deb will go over this again during the budget process.  Andy will pass this information on to the Commissioners. 
Update on Stephen Abrams Event – Mark your calendars for January 11 at noon and the next day January 12 at the Black Box Theatre for an evening event.  Deb will send out an Evite to pass on to friends who might be interested.  She will also be coordinating some smaller events around his visit and asked the Board for their input.

Facilities Planning:
Review Recommendation on Public Art Committee members: see attached.

Action Item: Approve Public Art Committee members – Nancy moved to approve the recommended Public Art Committee members, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.
Review Recommendations on Sole Source vendors for Addition/Renovation Project: Dail recommends purchasing Burroughs Shelving as it is the current shelving being used in the library.  Purchasing it again will make all shelving compatible in both the Jackson and Alta libraries.  This will make repairs, moving, and changing shelving configurations much easier as all the parts are interchangeable. 
She also recommends using Magpie Furniture for repair and replacement of table tops.  It is the library’s intent to reuse the table legs.  Magpie Furniture has replaced some table tops and done repairs for the library since we have been in the current building.  Their production line is set up to do this for us, which provides the library with a lower cost and a faster turnaround.  It also ensures that the product will look the same and provide consistency in library décor.  The county attorney has reviewed and approved these two recommendations.
Action Item: Approve Sole Source vendors for Addition/Renovation Project – Clark moved to approve the recommendations, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

Review Recommendation on Furniture/Paint/Carpet Scheme: Deb gave an update on the process of coming up with these recommendations.  Staff first identified functional needs.  Dail & Deb were the rough cut and looked at practical things such as long term maintenance, durability and how it fit with existing furnishings.  Gilday Architects then did more refining and brought it to the Facilities Committee.  The Committee looked at it in bulk rather than every piece of furniture and this approval is based more around the conceptual or look and feel of the recommended furnishings and will actually be two separate discussions.  The first will be on the furnishings and the second on the focal point in the Western Reading area.  Peggy and John then presented an overview with photos and samples of furniture upholstery, carpet and wallpaper samples.  The wallpaper will need to be coordinated with the Public Art component and must be approved at the next Board meeting.  Dail brought up one issue, her opinion is that the carpet recommended for the teen area will be an ongoing maintenance issue as it is too dark and will show every light colored piece of lint, paper etc.  She thinks it will cost more money in the long run and would advocate using a lighter color.  John commented that it is a light, airy space and thinks the gray color as an alternative will looked washed out. It is his opinion that this color selection will hide more of the long term dirt. 
Action Item: Approve Recommendation on Furniture/Paint/Carpet Scheme – Nancy moved to adopt the Recommendation on Furniture/Paint/Carpet Scheme as presented, Bill seconded, all voted in favor.
The proposed focal point for the Western Reading area is a fireplace.  The product recommended by the architects is a Heatilator.  It is a gas fireplace, about 4’ wide, 14” tall.  If operated 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, the estimated gas usage would cost about $1,250.00.  Deb pointed out that this can’t be an additional cost to the library.  Pauline said the Foundation has a donor who is willing to pay the cost of the fireplace and the additional expenses. This donor is not set on a fireplace and knows that it is a board decision.  Deb added that this option won’t heat the room.  She queried other public librarians in WY who have installed this product in their libraries and it has been successful, with some recommendations around safety.  Discussion followed on the visual, safety and environmental aspects of the product.  Dail and Margaret brought up some concerns with public relations and the use of natural gas and energy sustainability.

Action Item: Bill moved to approve the fireplace as a focal point for the Western Reading area, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

Approve Call for Artists for Public Art Component: Deb gave a brief update on the work so far, this will be mainly a conceptual approval as there are still some lobby design details to work out.  The County attorney has reviewed and approved the document and is okay with paying a stipend to the artist.  The amount that we asked the Foundation to raise was $75,000.00 or 1% of the project, the budget on the cover page of this document is for $65,000.00, some money has been set aside for the artist stipend, to post the Call for Artists on the Café website and ongoing maintenance costs.  The board needs to approve the vision or goals of the project.  Carrie then added that this is the way to attract the artist, so we want it to discuss the visions/goals and tell the story of the library without defining the art.  There are still a few missing pieces to edit but otherwise is complete.
Action Item: Nancy moved to approve the Call for Artists for Public Art Component, Bill seconded, all voted in favor. 

Some discussion followed on details and the next steps of the project.  The Call will go out the first part of January.  Carrie asked to board to select an alternate voting member for the Public Art Committee in case a member can’t participate when the meeting dates are set.

Action Item: Bill moved to approve Deb Adams as the alternate voter, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

Review recommendations on Next Phasing Plan: GE Johnson is proposing the new wing will be done by June 2012.  We could possibly open it to the public the first week of July, along with the new lobby and entrance.  The adult computer lab room and the auditorium will not be ready to open at that time as it will be needed for phasing. A large portion of the collection will need to be staged in the auditorium.  Staff will move fewer times with this phasing and the public will get to use the new space sooner, most importantly the youth and teens, the patrons that have been most impacted by construction.  The closure to make this happen will be fourteen days minimum at the end of June.  There will also be a two week closure during the school district’s Spring Break to accommodate work on the public restrooms.  It was noted that TC Parks & Rec. will be open during spring break this year.

Action Item: Approve Recommendation on Next Phasing Plan - Clark moved to approve the Phasing Plan as presented, Bill seconded, all voted in favor.  Action Item: Bill made a motion to give Deb the authority to close the library for certain construction needs, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

New Business:
Set Meeting Dates for January – June 20112
All board meetings were set on the third Thursdays as follows: 1/19, 2/16, 3/15 (with an additional budget meeting), 4/19, 5/17 and 6/21, which will be Bill’s final board meeting. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M.