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February 16, 2012

Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, February 16, 2012 (Approved 3/15/12)

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order at 12:04 P.M.

Attending were: Board members Nancy Guthrie, Bill Wotkyns, Clark Heindl and Patricia Moeller; TCL staff Deb Adams, Isabel Zumel, Dail Barbour and Sally McCullough; TCL Foundation staff Pauline Towers-Dykeman; guest Carol Peck.

Correspondence from the public: None.

Approval of Minutes: Nancy moved to approve the minutes from January 26, 2012, Bill seconded, all voted in favor.

Section 215 Report: No requests.

Friends Report:  No report as they have not met since the last Board meeting.

Monthly Report – Questions & Answers-There is nothing new to report on Admin.  The SPET deposit was a bit more than projected for February.

FY 13 Budget Preliminary Discussion-Deb reviewed some of the highlights. The Commissioners have requested a level budget, with no new hires.  She has kept them apprised of the need for new hires when we move into the larger space.  We will need 60 more hours of paging.  She also reminded the Board of the completion of payment of the Lease-Revenue Bond by the County, in which the Library was collateral.  The County had paid the Library utilities during the lease, which will now need to be reincorporated into the Library budget.  Some facility operating costs will go up when the new wing opens, Dail is working on the estimates.  The Library will have a carryover this year of about $95,000.  Staff health insurance has increased by only $5 per month, Deb usually budgets for a 15% increase.  The Library will remain at the current hours of operation even though we will be in a larger space because we are still short-staffed.

Action Items: Clark moved to approve the February vouchers, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

Director’s Report
Initiation of Behavior Policy Revamp-Deb has a group that is reviewing the current Library Behavior Policy and will present it to the Board when they have updated it.

Recommendation on Background Check Policy (see attached) - The County Commissioners have just approved a Background Check procedure for County employees.  The Library has been doing background checks for about 5 years.  Some new ideas are: the County will have a third party vendor process these reports and the results will go directly to County HR Manager, Julianne Fries; these reports will also be checked against the sex offender registry.  Nancy inquired whether or not the Library is notified when a sex offender moves into the area.  We do receive these notifications and keep them in a notebook with the photos in the Director’s office; however the sex offenders are not prohibited from coming into the Library.

Update on Strategic Directions Revision – Staff were enlivened by the Stephen Abrams presentation and took another look at the current Strategic Directions, which are: Every Child Ready for School; Every Adult Ready for Work; and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. After lots of brainstorming the Management team came up with the following revamped Strategic Directions:
#1 The Building Project.
#2 The Library proactively initiates discussion on core library values.
#3 The Library supports informed discussion and collaboration on current community issues and interests.
#4 TCL ensures every individual approaches educational opportunities empowered to learn.
#5 TCL encourages financial awareness and economic growth in our community.

Deb briefly reviewed these new directions and said that we are not going to spend a lot of time wordsmithing them, but will work on how to do them.  They will be going over the internal structure of these again at the next Management team meeting and will then present them at the March staff meeting.  Pauline added that technology is inherent in all of these directions.  Deb explained that Reduce, Reuse, Recycle has dropped off because we do it on such a consistent basis that it doesn’t need this level of attention.

Action Items:
Bill moved to approve the Background Check Policy, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.
Clark moved to approve the Updated Strategic Directions, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

Foundation Report:
Pauline reported that Public Art is now fully funded at $75,000. There are 448 RFQ entries submitted for the Public Art piece.  She explained the selection process.
The Foundation has a few more asks out for the Campaign.  Budgets are due the same time as the TCL budget.
July 2013 will be the Library 75th Birthday celebration, the plan is to initiate an adult summer reading program along with the YS/Teen summer reading programs, to culminate with the Page to Podium speaker.  The Foundation will have only one Page to the Podium speaker for that fiscal year so that they can work on getting one big name speaker.  Gary Snyder will be here on March 13. He will read for 20-30 minutes and then be interviewed by Jack Turner.  The next evening will be a poetry performance at the Old Wilson Schoolhouse.

Facilities Planning – Main Library:
Project Progress & Schedule Update – Dail reported that she and Clark had field tested the concrete floors in the new town Information Center, which are what has been proposed for the Library project.  They are satisfied with this selection. The project is about two weeks behind schedule due to cold temps but should catch up with good weather.  The furniture packet bids went out two weeks ago and are due on February 21. So far about 15 requests for the packets have been made.  The final recommendation should be ready for the March board meeting.  Public tours will be available on March 24. 

Review of Change Order to GE Johnson Contract (see attached) – Deb went over the Change Order Overview.  Some items that are not included on the Change Order are on the Pending Change Order list provided by GE Johnson (see attached).  Greiner Electric will be subcontracted to do the AV System in the Auditorium. The Foundation will fund this but GE Johnson will manage the subcontract.

Action Items: Bill moved to approve the Change Order to GE Johnson Contract, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

New Business:
Set dates/times for March Board meeting - The FY13 Budget submission is due on March 5.  Deb is requesting changing the meeting for this reason. She proposed meeting on March 1, at 1:00 P. M. to review the budget and then continue the meeting on March 15 at noon, to conduct the regular monthly business meeting.

Clark moved to adjourn the meeting, Bill seconded, the meeting adjourned.