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July 19, 2012

Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes Approved 8/16/12
Thursday, July 19, 2012 12:00 PM
Teton County Library

Clark Heindl,Treasurer called the meeting to order at 12:05 P.M.

Attending were: Board members - Clark Heindl, Patricia Moeller & Jim Moses;
TC Commission liaison Andy Schwartz; TCL Foundation staff Missy Falcey and Pauline Towers-Dykeman; TCL staff – Deb Adams and Sally McCullough

Correspondence from the public – None.

Approval of Minutes – Patricia moved to approve the minutes from June 21, 2012, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

Section 215 Report – No requests.

Friends Report – Deb reported that their last meeting was the staff/volunteer picnic. They had a short meeting to elect officers-John Hebberger, President; Jennifer Dorsey, Vice President; Mamie Cheek, Secretary; Kelly Bass and Bridget Meyer, Co-Treasurers. The picnic followed. 

Foundation Report – Missy will defer the Foundation report to give her budget presentation.

Monthly Report – Questions & Answers We won’t have the final reports for June until after the accountant does year end and the auditors have been here.  Some discussion followed on financial reporting and budgeting.
Review of FY 13 Library Budget Proposal Deb reviewed the budget submission, which includes the new staff positions the commissioners had approved and expanded facility expenses.  The only difference will be in account #5140 Surety Bonds & Insurance. There has been a change in how our Liability Pool Insurance is accounted for.  The county used to cover this and now component agencies will be responsible for their own liability insurance.  We didn’t have this information until after the budgeting process and there will not be any revenue from TC to offset this expense.  We should be able to make up this additional expense. Andy assured the Board that the county won’t let the library have a shortfall due to this.  Jim questioned whether there is a point where we don’t just absorb an additional expense. Discussion followed on Board responsibilities in regard to budgeting.  It was pointed out that new positions must be approved by Teton County commissioners. The Board can control expenditures but not revenue.
Action Item: Approve FY13 Budget- Patricia moved to approve the budget, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

Review of FY 13 Foundation Budget Proposal Missy presented the Foundation budget.  There are very few operational changes but a significant cash carryover.  They will be spending $380,000 on the building in the next five months.  She explained the shortfalls on SPET revenues versus expenditures; the Foundation has agreed to cover $50,000 financing for the project during this shortfall.  Once we are in the whole space the Foundation budget will change significantly.  There is a public/private partnership between the library and the Foundation, with overhead, staff & facilities covered by the library budget and programming being funded by the Foundation.  There are some increases on sponsorships for the annual party/Page to the Podium.  The endowment is on hold this year until after Old Bill’s. 
Action Items: Acceptance of FY 13 Foundation Budget- Patricia moved to accept the budget as presented, Jim seconded, all in voted in favor.
Approve Vouchers- Patricia moved to approve the vouchers, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

Director’s Report
Staffing Update The new pages have been interviewed and hired. Current staff members Jane Baldwin & Gail Hahn will fill two of these positions.  Brie Richardson, a former employee is returning and Joe Gagnon will join the staff.  We are in the middle of our typically busiest season and with the new wing opening, some staff have offered to help out at the front desk. 

Facilities Planning
Construction Project Timeline Updates
Review of Public Comments on Facility 98% of the comments received are great, 2% are complaints, mostly about the walk to the new entrance.  The complaints are mainly from seniors.  We will be letting them know there is senior parking closest to the building and 15 minute parking in front of the library on Virginian Lane.  We are talking about using the large arrows again to direct patrons.  We are also going to install automatic door openers for handicap accessibility.  The parking lot designated diagonal walkway does not have a ramp so we will probably redo the curb.  The next closure is less than 6 weeks away. Most of collections will then be in their final home. Overall construction is still on schedule.  The final closing will be in January, probably from the 1st through the 10th. 
The art installation infrastructure will begin in September and then the final install will be during the January closure. Discussion followed on the remaining contingency.  Change orders that we request come out of our contingency.  The HVAC and boilers are in so there shouldn’t be any major surprises. Stan Zaist is our Assistant Project Manager and attends the weekly meetings to go over the budget and remaining contingency.  The metal pipe on the south wall, which is part of the HVAC system is bigger than expected and is aesthetically one of the major issues.  They may cover it with a soffit or it may just be painted.  Missy informed the Board that the Foundation has $5,000 in unallocated funds for the project.
Action Items: None.

New Business: None.

Patricia moved to adjourn the meeting, Jim seconded, the meeting adjourned.