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July 20 2013

Tuesday, July 20 2013 12:00 PM Minutes Approved 8/15/13
Teton County Library is the community’s open door to a world of opportunity and fulfillment through resources, programs and services that connect, inspire and educate.

Attend Attending were: TCL Board members-Clark Heindl, Lisa Delaney, Jim Moses, Carol Peck, Audrey Hagen; TCL Staff – Deb Adams; Commissioners: Paul Vogelheim, Ben Ellis, Melissa Turley, Hank Phibbs, Barbara Allen.

Clark opened the meeting at 12:10 for the Library Board.  Paul Vogelheim opened the workshop for the Commissioners.

Paul indicated that this was a workshop for the Commissioners and no decisions would be made by them.  He said that he and Clark worked out an agenda together.

Paul began with an overview of the County’s budget process, including mention of the Library’s request for an increased budget.  He said the Commissioners heard the request but couldn’t fully support it.

Paul shared the Commissioners work on the County’s mission and strategic intent (see attached).

Lisa shared the Library’s work on its mission, core values and strategic directions (see attached).

Clark presented a handout (see attached) to explain the Library’s context for its FY 14 request.  He explained that before the library built the addition, we said we could do it with the same number of FTEs.  The library projected increased costs for the addition as part of its SPET application.  Most of those estimates from 2010 were good, except for the Capital Repairs Reserve which came in higher.  He noted that several non-discretionary expenses have been transferred into the Library’s budget from the County – utilities and liability insurance.  He noted the effect on the library’s budget of the step increases given County-wide to employees.  He presented the ways in which the library has tightened its belt over the past several years.  Clark presented four options for the library to bridge the shortfall: (1) use the Capital Repairs Reserve; (2) cut library hours; (3) cut programs; (4) cut services.  He asked for acknowledgement from the Commissioners that using the Capital Repairs Reserve was not a sustainable practice for the long-term.  He asked if the Commissioners wanted the library to have its own Repairs Reserve.

Paul said that the Commission wanted to clarify roles and expectations of its boards.  He invited Deputy County Attorney Keith Gingery to review Wyoming state statute with respect to the library board.  Keith explained that the County Commission has the authority to set an overall budget number for the library and the Library Board has the authority to determine how those funds are expended.  Keith also provided some context for the various ways other counties within the state handle funding of their libraries.

General discussion and questions followed.  No decisions were made by either board.

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM.