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March 1, 2012

Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2012 1:00 PM Approved 4/19/12

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order.

Attending were: Board members Nancy Guthrie, Bill Wotkyns and Clark Heindl; TCL staff Deb Adams, Isabel Zumel and Dail Barbour; TCL Foundation staff Missy Falcey and Pauline Towers-Dykeman; Public Art Coordinator Carrie Geraci.

Discussion of FY 13 Budget Submission – Deb handed out the New Hire Worksheet which she prepared in addition to the regular budget submission.  Discussion followed on staffing for the new wing/addition, which will be completed half way through next fiscal year.  Hiring of the requested page positions will fill 1.5 FTE’s (Full Time Equivalent), which will still leave a shortage of 2.5 FTE’s.  The library has a total of 9 vacancies. This is a request to fill 4 of those vacancies.  Deb is proposing filling 2 FT Library Assistant positions with 4 job share positions.  These positions primarily cover the desk, operations, at the main desk and youth services desk which is where we anticipate the biggest need.  One of the advantages of job shares is fuller coverage over the 7 day work week.  The page positions would probably need to be filled by July and the Library Assistant positions when school starts.
Action Items: Approve Submission – Clark moved to approve the FY13 Budget Submission, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

Facilities Planning – Public Art
Update on Public Art Selection Process & Recommendation on Public Art Finalists – Carrie Geraci presented a report on this process (see attached) and identified the three finalists and one alternate.  She then briefly reviewed the artist/team references and went over the next steps.  The finalists will travel to Jackson for a site visit on March 19th, and will have the chance as a group to ask questions.  Each team will then have 15-18 minutes to discuss their concepts with the selection panel and the panel will have the chance to ask questions of the design teams.  The artists will then submit their proposals, either through a mock-up or PDF file with images, for the panel to review.  The panel will then present their recommendation to the Board for final approval.  Deb presented the Public Art Conceptual Design Agreement which has been approved by the County Attorney and needs to be signed by each of the three finalists.
Action Items: Approve Agreements with Public Art Finalists – Bill moved to approve the Public Art Conceptual Design Agreement, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

Update on Furniture Bid process –Dail gave an update on the process although the contract has not yet been reviewed by the County Attorney.  We received 14 requests for bid packets, with 3 bid submissions.  The Facilities Committee reviewed the submissions and made their recommendation which includes a 5% preference for a local Wyoming vendor.  (See attached Furniture Budget).
Action Item: Approve Furniture Vendor Bid pending approval by Teton County Attorney – Nancy moved to approve pending approval by the County Attorney, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

Clark moved to adjourn this meeting and continue it on March 15th at 12:00 PM, Bill seconded, all voted in favor.