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March 7, 2013

Minutes Teton County Library Board Meeting Approved 4/18/13
Thursday, March 7, 2013 12:00 PM
Teton County Library

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order.

Attending were: Board members Clark Heindl, Jim Moses and Nancy Guthrie; TCL staff Deb Adams and Dail Barbour; TCL Foundation staff Missy Falcey and Pauline Towers-Dykeman.

FY 14 Budget
Review Draft FY 14 budget for submission to County Commissioners
Deb reviewed the budget submission (attached); noting personnel is the largest budget item.  This now includes a full year of the step increases implemented on January 1, 2013. Health insurance is going up, and she has included a 15% margin for the increase.  The Professional Services category has been increased by $20,000 for any kind of salary analysis that will need to be done.  Library Materials has basically stayed the same.  Electronic Resources year-to-date actual is over budget and includes an audit adjustment, which will be amended at year-end.  There was some discussion on the Building & Equipment categories and the funding for capital repairs. It was agreed to ask for the full $125,462 in Repairs Reserve and add $10,000 to the Janitorial Contract and $5,000 each to Electricity (Jackson) and Gas.

Action Item: Approve FY 14 Budget submission to County Commissioners.  Nancy made a motion to approve the submission with the noted changes, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

Early Retirement Incentive/Severance Pay review
Deb gave the Board an update on this package that was offered by the County in 2009.  Employees had to be at least 60 years old and have worked for the County for at least 15 years.  It was offered as one time incentive.  There has recently been interest by a few staff, whether this would be offered again.  Deb asked the Board for some direction or input.  Discussion followed on the benefit and cost; some members were opposed and felt that if offered on an ongoing basis, it ceases to be an incentive but a severance package.  It was agreed to take this to the Compensation Review Committee.

Action Item: Board vote on offering early retirement/severance pay.  No motion was made.

Dail announced her resignation to the Board. She will be retiring on June 12, 2013 and asked the Board to consider the Early Retirement Incentive/Severance Pay in her circumstance.  She noted that it was approved for one employee this fiscal year and therefore should be done for her as well.

Nancy moved to continue the meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at noon in the Ordway Auditorium.



Minutes-Continued Meeting
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:00 PM
Teton County Library

President Lisa Delaney called the continued meeting to order.

Attending were: Board members Jim Moses and Clark Heindl; TCL Foundation staff Pauline Towers-Dykeman and Missy Falcey; TCL staff Deb Adams, Dail Barbour and Sally McCullough.

Update on FY 14 Budget submission
The Commissioners will review the submission on Monday, April 8 at 1:30 P.M.  Some discussion followed on the process in prior years and Deb informed the Board this is not a budget approval process. The Commissioners just ask questions about the submitted budget at this meeting.  Board members are encouraged to attend.  Deb noted that she had made an adjustment to the Repairs Reserve category.

Early Retirement incentive: more to report?
The Board agreed they would like to go into an executive session to discuss this request and will do so at the end of the meeting.

Correspondence Report: None.

Public Comment on Correspondence: None.

Section 215 Report: None.

Consent Agenda
Minutes from February 2013 (Not available)
March vouchers
Director’s Report
Foundation Report
Friends Report

Action Item: Clark moved to approve the Consent Agenda, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

Review recommendation on Certificate of Substantial Completion (see attached) – Dail noted there are two attachments to the Certificate; one is a punch list of outstanding items and a list of deferred items to be completed in the spring, the other is Attachment “A” Phasing Plan Guaranty & Warranty Dates.  Because it was a phased project the warranties are phased.  Dail has negotiated the start of the HVAC System & Controls warranty on 3/1/2013.  Ninety-five percent of the problems with the system are under control.

Action Item: Clark moved to approve the Certificate of Substantial Completion, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

Review recommendation on renewal of cleaning contract (contract not completed yet)

Review of Facilities Committee’s suggestions for entrance improvements (see attached) – This list of suggestions was generated by staff and then reviewed by the Facilities Committee.  The items that are a priority for the Board are:

1) A book drop in the parking lot.
2) Improved lighting along Virginian Lane
3) Some kind of signifier that guides patrons from the parking lot to the entrance
4) “One Hour” parking signs for Virginian Lane opposite the entrance

Action Items: Need Board direction on entrance improvement(s)
Dail is working on item #2 along with the gutter work which is an add-on.
The Board agreed to get the architects to draw something up for item #3.  Deb will contact Gilday Architects and ask for guidance on this.
There was some discussion around the Virginian Lane parking and signage, item #4.  There is a new parking study being done by the Town which may eliminate parking on the east side of the street.  Lisa recommends forming a task force to go to the town parking meetings and ask for the additional signage. She would like to be on this task force. Jim will provide the information he has on the study.
A book drop in parking lot, item #1 has been looked at by the architects.  They could not come up with a plan where cars will not be crossing the lane of traffic.  Staff will need to manually empty the book drop in the winter which is an additional hazard.  The architects could not find a safe solution for these issues.

Review Draft Update to Meeting Room Policy – The Board will hold off on this until another meeting.

Education & Programs Update
Update from E&P Manager Dimmie Zeigler: VITA program, Literary Fest, Financial Literacy programs – this agenda item delayed due to Dimmie’s absence.

Action Item: None

Action Item: Clark made a motion to go into executive session at 12:58 P.M.

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting back to order after executive session at 1:10 P.M.

Action Item: Clark made a motion to approve the Early Retirement/Severance Pay Incentive request, the motion failed to receive a second, the motion died. 

Clark moved to adjourn at 1:15 P.M.