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May 16, 2013

Minutes Teton County Library Board Meeting Approved 6/20/2013
Thursday, May 16, 2013 1:15 PM
Teton County Library

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order at 1:20 PM.

Attending were: Board members-Jim Moses, Nancy Guthrie, Clark Heindl and Patricia Moeller; TCL Foundation staff-Pauline Towers-Dykeman; TCL staff-Julia Hysell, Deb Adams, Dail Barbour and Sally McCullough.

Correspondence Report-None

Public Comment on Correspondence-None

Section 215 Report-None

Consent Agenda
Minutes from April 18, 2013
April vouchers
Director’s Report
Foundation Report
Friends Report
Lisa requested further discussion of the Foundation & Friends Reports.
Action Item: Nancy moved to approve the Consent Agenda, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.
Foundation Report-Pauline gave further details on the Howling Wolf Auction.
Friends Report-Lisa wanted to let the board know the Friends are talking about moving the storage shed to the Housing Authority area. Dail has advised against this due to the difficulties in moving it, as that involves the use of a crane. There is also limited access to it in the winter. They are also discussing having another large book sale due to the volume of book donations they are receiving.

Review recommendation for extension of contract with Long Mechanical for HVAC system and controls and boiler maintenance/warranty-This will cover the oversight of the new boilers through the warranty period ending on 9/1/13 and the remaining HVAC components and controls through 2/28/14. It has been approved by the county attorney. 
Action Item: Board vote on contract extension. Jim moved to approve contract extension, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

FY 14 Budget Discussion
Discussion of Level Funding Scenarios-Deb reported the County Commissioners had met last Monday and started working on the individual departmental budgets. They have asked the Library to come back next week with a presentation on the impacts of level budgeting. We had mostly level budgeted except for staff step increases and building expenses, as the new building will cost more to operate.  Level budgeting will mean trimming $300,000 from the original submission. Deb provided three scenarios for the Board to consider (see attached). 
Her fundamental premise is that all staff is still working and still benefited.  There are really only two places to trim $300,000, which are staff hours and the Capital Repairs Reserve.  Scenario #1 is pretty dramatic and is not the recommended scenario. Scenario #2 would reduce the Capital Repairs Reserve and #3 would eliminate, the Capital Repairs Reserve. All scenarios involve reducing programs and open hours.  The building does not require more staff to operate but the Commissioners had approved step increases January 1, 2013 and our insurance expenses went up this past year. The building does require more in terms of mechanical, heating and cleaning. Discussion followed. It was noted that these expenses don’t just disappear if not approved in this year’s budget; they get pushed forward to the following year. 
Action Item: Board recommendation for presentation to Commissioners-The Board agreed scenario #2 is the better option with some revisions which include closing the Alta Branch on Saturdays. Deb will rough out an outline for the Board.  Jim, Lisa and possibly Clark will attend.

Strategic Planning
Plan for orientation of new board members-There were eight applicants, the approved are Audrey Hagen and Carol Peck.  Both new members will attend the June meeting. Deb will give them a tour, an orientation (similar to staff orientation), and provide a copy of library laws.  Lisa will call Keith to see if he can do a separate board orientation.  Dail recommended giving them a list of library related websites. Deb provided a handout on Board Orientation with some helpful suggestions (see attached). Dail also suggested possibly scheduling a quarterly check in or review for new members. Lisa requested putting the Library’s vision/mission statement on the top of the agenda for the next few months as a reminder. Clark would like to see usage statistics comparing pre-construction to current.
Deb has already talked to the Denison people about conducting the next round of staff surveys and wanted to okay it with the Board.  They agreed to go ahead and conduct it now.

Nancy move to adjourn the meeting, Patricia seconded, meeting adjourned.