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November 15, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012 12:00 PM
Teton County Library

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order.

Attending were: Board members Clark Heindl and Patricia Moeller; TC Commission liaison Andy Schwartz; TCL staff Deb Adams, Dail Barbour, Sally McCullough, Dimmie Zeigler and Oona Doherty; TCL Foundation staff Missy Falcey & Pauline Towers-Dykeman; Public Art Coordinator Carrie Geraci.

Correspondence from the public – None.

Approval of Minutes - Clark moved to approve the minutes from the October 18, 2012, Patricia seconded, all voted in favor.  Clark moved to approve the November 7, 2012 special board meeting minutes, Lisa seconded, all voted in favor.

Section 215 Report – No requests.

Friends Report – Deb reported that they have been discussing implementing an ongoing book sale in the space provided in the new lobby.  They are working on some modifications to securing the space during off hours when it will not be staffed. 

Foundation Report – Tickets for the Library Benefit sold out a week ago. Every year it sells out but this year it was in 11 days.  They are looking at raising the price of tickets as this event is a fundraiser.  They have raised $40,000 towards their goal of $90,000 on the endowment timeline.

Director’s Report
Adult Digital Learning Initiatives: Oona Doherty, Adult Program Coordinator
Oona gave a brief update on the work that has been done on these initiatives.  They have looked at the library as a whole and what is currently offered in technology and ways of expanding on this.  Classes, education and tutoring are areas where we have room for expansion.  The computer lab will help in fulfilling more in this area.  Educating parents is another initiative.  Commonsense Media has a great website on digital citizenship and how to teach safety on the internet.  Mary & Beth are looking at how to implement this curriculum at TCL. Stephen Abram will be returning in March, to speak at the middle school.  He will do a series of talks for students, parents and staff.  Staff competency in the new technologies will be another ongoing piece as there are varying levels of knowledge in this area.  Some libraries have a Virtual Services Coordinator as a permanent position to manage staff competency and coordinate patron education.  Some discussion followed on current statistics and what new measurements will look like.

VITA Program Report: Dimmie Zeigler, Education & Programs Manager
Dimmie gave an update on programs they have been working on with seniors.  They are collaborating with St. Johns and the Institute for Cognitive Health on their Brain Games program.  A couple of programs are:  Books, Coffee & Donuts and the book menu that goes out with Meals on Wheels, where seniors can order books which are then delivered with their meals.  Some of the Friends volunteers cleaned out the Senior Center Library and restocked it with books from their book sale.  The Senior Center now has a volunteer that has taken over this project. 
Another program the library started is Wii Games, which the Senior Center has now taken over and purchased their own console and games. 
The programs team is now gearing up for the VITA Tax Program.  The government grant for this program has decreased significantly this year.  We are the only site in WY that has to pay for advertising. The Foundation pays this for us.  We are fortunate that we don’t have to buy supplies or pay for space like many other libraries. Last year more than 400 people utilized the program.

Recommendation on Staff Member Step Increases (see attached)
Deb reviewed the recommendation for the board. It will begin January 1, 2013.
Action Items: Approve Staff Member Step Increase Plan Patricia moved to approve the Staff Member Step Increase plan, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

Preliminary Discussion - Library Open Hours
There has been some discussion around possibly restoring Saturday morning hours.  This change would probably start after the January closure.  Deb will present the management team’s recommendation next month after we have confirmed that we have the staff resources to sustain the additional hours.  The change in how circulation functions are handled has allowed the library to devote more library assistant hours to the public desks. 
Annual Planning
Teams are getting ready to start annual planning. The management team is working on understanding what it means to be a community led library.  They would like to capitalize on existing staff roles in the community and are trying to understand who our non-users are. What do they really need that the library can serve?

Monthly Report – Questions & Answers
Action Items: Approve Vouchers - Patricia moved to approve the vouchers, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

Facilities Planning
Review Budget for Public Art Installation
Carrie gave an update on the project to date.  Discussion followed on installation and programming and whether it should be done by an outside firm or to allow the artist, Brian Brush to do this work as proposed in the original contract.  It was noted that this work, if done by the outside contractor, is not required to meet building inspection but their equipment must be installed by a certified installer to be warranted.  The cost for this outside contractor would be $10,000.00, which puts the project over budget.  The current proposed budget is much closer to the original $65,000.00 budget.  There are still a few unknowns.  Budget details were discussed further and it was noted that it does include the contingency. We have requested preliminary testing before the complete installation.  It is now a board decision whether to the spend money up front for computer programming review and warranty.  We can request a programming guide from Brian and he is required to maintain it in the first year according to the contract.  If part of the infrastructure is installed during the January closure we may need 3 extra days tacked on to the closure to meet the artist’s timeline.  The county attorney has advised that if we go over budget on the contract we will need to do an addendum and re-advertise.  Carrie agreed to go back to Brian with this information and a list of questions:
What is the warranty on the new equipment if installed by a layman?
Is the extra $5,000 power switch still needed?

Carrie and Dail will review the contract. Carrie will check the timeline with the metal fabricator.  The Foundation will review the contract as well and check their numbers as far as what has been spent to date and what is remaining.
We already have an approved closure. The Board can give Deb the authority to adjust the closure dates if needed. She will inform them beforehand.
Action Items: Clark made a motion to give Deb the authority to revise the closure dates in January if extra time is needed, Patricia seconded, all voted in favor.

Building Project: Progress & Timeline Report
Review Recommendation on CMAR Contract Change Order (see attached)
This change order is for $2,381.00 and includes new plexi-glass in the bus stop, additional paving, and some additional acoustical and sound attenuation.
Action Items: Approve CMAR Contract Change Order Patricia moved to approve the Change Order, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

New Business
Preparation for Board Retreat
Lisa provided details for the upcoming Board retreat scheduled on Dec. 12th at the Wort. It will begin at 8:30 A.M. She will send out the agenda.

Clark made a motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 1:55 PM.