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November 21, 2013


Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes Approved 12/19/2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013 12:00 PM

Teton County Library is the community’s open door to a world of opportunity and fulfillment through resources, programs and service that connect, inspire and educate.

***Where appropriate, staff and public comments will be taken prior to board discussion***

President Clark Heindl called the meeting to order at 12:00 PM.

Attending were: Board members- Lisa Delaney, Carol Peck and Audrey Hagen

TC Commission liaison- Melissa Turley

TCL staff- Deb Adams, Isabel Zumel, Julia Hysell and Sally McCullough

TCL Foundation staff- Missy Falcey & Pauline Towers-Dykeman

Correspondence Report: None received

Public Comment -None

Section 215 Report -No requests

Consent Agenda

·  Minutes from October 17, 2013 meeting

·  November vouchers

·  Director’s Report

·  Foundation Report

·  Friends Report

·  C3 Grant: The Met at the Center

·  Annual Approval of Investment Policy

Carol questioned the library’s commitment on the C3 Grant, and whether it is just materials? Yes, it is.

Clark asked for more information on the finished analysis of the sorting RFID system, which is in the Director’s Report. Deb provided more detail on this. The upfront investment would be $200,000.00, with an annual ongoing software cost of $50,000.00. We would also have to purchase new self check-out machines. It was not a big enough savings in staff time, plus it would add IT time. We are going to tag the system, for inventory purposes. This will be an RFID tag, with a cost of about $12,000.00.

The Investment Policy, once approved, will be updated with the current Board members names.

Action Item: Approve Consent Agenda-Lisa moved to approve, Carol seconded, all in voted in favor.


·  Recommendation on Employee Step Increase.

County commissioners officially approved the step increase or change in matrix/pay scale.

·  Action Item: Approve Employee Step Increase-Carol moved to approve the step increase to begin on the library’s pay period from 12/24/2013 to 1/6/2014, pay date will be 1/9/2014, Lisa seconded, all voted in favor.

·  Recommendation from the Committee on salary study and performance-based pay system.

Deb reported on the information gathered by the Salary Committee on two firms that do this kind of work. The bids came in at $7,500.00 and $21,900.00. One firm is from Denver and the other from Dallas. Both bids include studies of all 40 positions. Some discussion followed on what both firms offer and why there is such a difference in price. There are actually two separate conversations going on right now: the existing salary structure is out of date, and separate from that is the performance based pay system. First we have to figure out where our salaries should be. Then managers & employees all have to understand the performance based system so that it doesn’t appear arbitrary.

Melissa suggested having a conversation with the Commissioners before we go ahead with our own salary study. More discussion followed on the timing of the study and if it makes more sense to piggyback on the county study or do our own. It could be more in depth if we do our own and timing is an issue. The changes with the county study would probably not take effect until the January 2016 budget. The benefits package is also a consideration, which is worth approximately $20,000.00 per full-time employee with family coverage. The County study would include this package where a separate library study would not. Meanwhile all staff will be getting step increases in January, job descriptions are being re-evaluated and some positions are misclassified and will possibly be moved up.

·  Action Item: Audrey made a motion to not pursue own study but be included with the County study, under the direction of Julianne Fries and to possibly augment it to include library specific positions through Foundation funding , Carol seconded , all voted in favor.

Strategic Planning

·  Board development work: Upcoming Board vacancies and recruitment. There was a short discussion on potential candidates.

·  Engagement with Staff

·  Follow up with Friends & Foundation Boards.

Audrey attended the Friends luncheon and shared some numbers John Hebberger provided on how many hours they contribute to library.

Missy reported on large gifts and the endowment.

Some Library board members had met informally with a few commissioners and reported on the feedback they received.

Carol made a motion to adjourn, Lisa seconded, all voted in favor. Meeting adjourned at 1:40 PM.