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November 7, 2012

Teton County Library Board Special Meeting Approved 11/15/2012
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 12:00
Review of Library Public Art Project

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order at 12:00PM. 
Attending were: Board members - Clark Heindl and Nancy Guthrie; TC Commission liaison Andy Schwartz; Facility Manager Dail Barbour, Communications Manager Margaret Thompson, and Business Manager Sally McCullough; TCL Foundation staff Pauline Towers-Dykeman; Public Art Coordinator Carrie Geraci and artist Brian Brush via phone.

Carrie gave a quick update of what has happened on the project so far.  We have initial engineering review of two approaches to this project, two designs that are almost to construction drawings, without having the set direction decided. We have detailed estimates for mechanical & lighting, which will help reduce maintenance costs and is a completely separate lighting system from the library’s lighting system, which was requested.  Brian then gave a PowerPoint presentation of the two options for Filament Mind, one with installation of the controls in the mezzanine and the other with controls as part of the installation on the lobby floor.  He then gave a detailed explanation of the installation process on both options.  The mezzanine option is closer to the original proposed project but will be more expensive and difficult to install, and will require penetrating the firewall.  The lobby floor option will be less expensive and easier to install as it will not be as invasive to existing structure or require as much renovation.  The majority of the weight will also be distributed to the floor rather than the structural walls/ceiling.  Carrie and Brian then went over the budgets and timelines (see attached).  The project is now over budget partially due to professional review with the structural engineer, electricians, and lighting engineers.  Carrie’s review of industry wide best practices showed this extra layer of detail as recommended. The Board then broke for discussion and told Brian they would call him back.
Further discussion followed on the budget overrun which is also partially due to the components and warranty of the illuminator control system, which is an expanded budget line item and is estimated at $18,635.00.  The Board questioned whether this was necessary to interface with the State Library (it is not; the State Library piece is a separate line item of $2,700.00) and why it was so much higher than Brian’s original estimate of $3,000.00 to design the control system.  Carrie asked the Board to decide on an option so that she can finish getting concrete details from Brian.

Action Item: Nancy made a motion to go with the floor model versus the mezzanine, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.
More discussion followed on the budget shortfall of $20,000.00, which includes the original contingency of $6,500.00, and whether the Board wants to go forward with the project.  The Board called Brian back with some additional questions on what is included in the quote of $18,635.00 and whether or not he believes this is an essential piece or can he design the program himself.  After some items were broken out and discussed it was agreed to follow up with Brian by phone after he gathers more detail on the total costs for this quote.  Carrie, Clark and Dail were also going to do some follow up research.
Clark moved to adjourn, Nancy seconded, the meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM.
Sally McCullough, Business Manager