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September 19, 2013

Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes Approved 10/17/2013
Thursday, September 19, 2013 12:00 PM
Teton County Library is the community’s open door to a world of opportunity and fulfillment through resources, programs and services that connect, inspire, and educate.

President Clark Heindl called the meeting to order at 12:04 PM.

Attending were: Board members-Jim Moses, Audrey Hagen, and Carol Peck; TCL Foundation staff Pauline Towers-Dykeman and Missy Falcey; Teton County Commission liaison Melissa Turley; TCL staff Julia Hysell, Isabel Zumel, Deb Adams and Sally McCullough.

Correspondence Report-None

Public Comment-None

Section 215 Report- No requests

Consent Agenda
• Minutes from August 2013
• September vouchers
• Director’s Report
• Foundation Report
• Friends Report
Action Item: Approve Consent Agenda-Audrey moved to approve, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

FY 14 Budget
• Review of options to bridge gap in funding and service levels for FY 14-Deb reported that Melissa Turley had talked to the commissioners and they are amenable to funding the library step increases in January. This does not require a budget amendment.  Deb pointed out that Alta Branch hours had not been discussed at the previous meeting, but she does not recommend cutting their hours as they have already been cut.  If we don’t fund the repairs reserve at all this year, it will cover one staff position.  We still need to hire one more.  Adding hours to current staff had been discussed, which puts us about half way there. Missy said the Foundation board met and is aware of this budget discussion.  They would like to maintain the separation of funding that they’ve maintained.  They are happy to fund enhancements but see the county role in funding library facility, staff, etc.  The Foundation funds extras for summer reading as an example, but staff salaries are funded by the library/county.  The College Prep position originally started as a pilot program and due to its success has been absorbed by the library. The Foundation board is willing to be creative and receptive but would go on direction or requests from the library board. Discussion followed on emergency salary funding and having a community discussion on which programs and services they would like to see supported and/or cut.
The primary option is not funding the Capital Repairs Reserve, which is allocated at year end.  This amount is $55,000.00.  The county will fund the January step increases and current staff will increase hours to cover more desk time. 
• Action Item: Board vote on budget options-Jim made a motion to hire one additional staff and not fund the Capital Repairs Reserve this year, Audrey seconded, all voted in favor.

Compensation Committee
• Recommendation from committee regarding salary study-This has been tabled due to the budget issue. There was a conversation around whether the library will be included in the salary study being conducted by the county.  This would save money for the library.  Melissa and Deb will follow up with Teton County HR Manager, Julianne Fries and report back on whether we are included and how many positions will be looked at.
• Action Item: Board direction on process with salary study-The Board agreed to wait and see if we are included in the county study before spending additional funds.

Personnel Policies
• Review recommendation from Management Team regarding change to timing of staff annual performance reviews. See attached.  This change will align reviews with the team annual planning process.
• Action Item: Board vote on Personnel Policy change-Jim made a motion to approve, Audrey seconded, all voted in favor.

Sponsorship of Services
• General Discussion: The library has a proposal on the table from a vendor to discount their costs in exchange for signage.  It was recommended getting a policy in place before making any decision on this, and to include the Foundation due to their donor experience.  Discussion followed on forming this committee. The Fees Review Committee, which is already in place could look at this and give feedback, but not draw up a policy.
• Action Item: Board direction on pursuing sponsorship/advertising opportunities from businesses- The Board agreed to hold off until receiving feedback from the Fees Committee.

Strategic Planning
• Engagement with staff-Strategic directions for 2014-Teams will start annual planning next month.  Check in with board on priorities on top of the set goals.
• Follow up with Friends & Foundation Boards-They would like to be included in the process sooner rather than later.

Executive Session-Personnel Matter
• Action Item: Motion to go into Executive Session-Jim made a motion, Carol seconded, all voted in favor.
• The Board came out of Executive Session at 2:50 PM. Jim made a motion to adjourn.