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September 20, 2012

Teton County Library Board Meeting Minutes Approved 10/18/12
Thursday, September 20, 2012 12:00 PM
Teton County Library

President Lisa Delaney called the meeting to order at 12:00 PM and the Board went into Executive Session on a personnel matter. 
Attending were: Board members – Patricia Moeller, Nancy Guthrie and Jim Moses; TC Commission liaison Andy Schwartz.

At approximately 12:40 PM the regular meeting was called to order.  Andy Schwartz then left the meeting and the following joined:  TCL staff- Deb Adams, Dail Barbour and Sally McCullough; TCL Foundation staff – Missy Falcey and Pauline Towers-Dykeman.

Correspondence from the public None.

Approval of Minutes Patricia moved to approve the minutes from August 16 and September 6, 2012, Nancy seconded, all voted in favor.

Section 215 Report – No requests.  Some discussion followed on these requests, Deb explained the process with regard to the USA Patriot Act.  She would be bound by a gag order if she was served with a National Security letter, but she may report the negative condition.  The library protects patron privacy as to their records. If law enforcement asks whether someone is here, it is a public place and that privacy is not protected but what a person checks out, reads or researches is protected and not disclosed without a court order.

Facilities Planning
Progress Update – Dail gave an update on the last move and commended the staff on their hard work. 
Discussion about Reading Room Fireplace Issue - Dail has just recently received a waiver from the Architects on the fireplace (see attached).  It is from Montigo, the manufacturer of the fireplace, and concerns the high temperature of the glass without installation of their Cool Pack or Power Cool Pack option.  As the Facilities Manager, Dail usually signs this type of document but did not feel comfortable signing this waiver and consulted with Keith Gingery, the County Attorney.  The glass temperature on this particular unit without Cool Pack or Power Cool Pack can reach approximately 220-240 degrees Fahrenheit.  Purchasing the Cool Pack option, which reduces the glass surface temperature to 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit, will cost $16,000.  Keith recommended to not sign the waiver and don’t install the fireplace until this public safety issue is resolved.  The contractor has not yet ordered, purchased or started on this item and is on hold until the Board makes a recommendation.  Moving the fireplace higher up on the wall has been discussed but we are constrained by space. 
Action Item: Board Direction to Resolve Reading Room Fireplace Issue -
The Board recommends going back to the architects and asking them to find a fireplace that meets the temperature requirements for the amount budgeted. 
Dail then left the meeting.

Deb gave an update on the progress of the project. The current Site Foreman Christian Earl will be leaving on Oct. 8.  Our understanding is that we are not getting a replacement but Ben Aufderheide, the Project Manager, will fill this role for the Library.  He is qualified but manages other projects and often travels to Laramie, where Christian was on-site Monday through Friday, from 9 to5.  Currently GEJCC is a bit ahead of schedule. 

The Public Art project is being revised.  Artist Brian Brush, Gilday Architects & GEJCC are working on solutions to the technical aspects of installing the piece as closely as possible to the original concept. Pauline asked if we could possibly have Christian work on this remotely as he has familiarity with the project.

Friends Report - Lisa attended the Friends meeting on August 15th.  Their next big step will be figuring out how they will work in the new space. When the renovation/expansion project is complete, they will have space for an ongoing book sale.  They are working on how to deal with storage space and staging for the sales, and how their new space will function.  They also are trying to figure out the coffee vending piece.

Foundation Report - Missy gave an update on Old Bill’s.  Final numbers are not in yet but it looks good and there was tremendous participation from staff this year.  Although usage has been down through the construction, giving levels have been strong.  They will give a final update at the next meeting. 
Pauline reported on the Endowment – they met with a local Foundation, this donor has offered an additional challenge with a 2-1 match up to $225,000 for the Endowment Challenge.  That leaves approximately $318,000 left to fundraise for the Endowment.  They also donated $20,000 for teen programming. This gift is not contingent on teen programs as they strongly encourage key outreach to the schools to work in collaboration with neighborhood communities like Rafter J, Melody Ranch, and Wilson.  Missy & Pauline will follow up with Dimmie and Steve on this programming. They have a board meeting next week and will work on the Endowment. 

Monthly Report – Questions & Answers -The operating budget is on target, revenues are typically low at this time of year which is why we have the cash reserve fund.  Stan, Dail & Deb will go over the SPET budget again when they return from vacations.  There are still some more savings that are not posted such as overtime & winter conditions.  GEJCC will adjust these at the end of the project.  The contingency fund is in good shape.  Jim requested that Stan project out the balance of the contingency and the project work yet to be completed.
Action Items: Approve Vouchers - Patrica moved to approve the vouchers, Jim seconded, all voted in favor.

Director’s Report
Staff Update - Mary Flamino, our new Youth Services Librarian started on Monday.  Mary has a MLS.  The Youth Coordinator position has been filled.  This person has accepted but it has not yet been announced. She has 8 years of library experience in the same field and is half way through her master’s degree program. Her start date has not yet been determined.  The Volunteer Coordinator position has expanded and is now Community Program Coordinator.  They are sorting through applications and will start interviewing soon.  The next advertisement will be for a Youth Services Library Assistant II which will now include college preparation services.  The Foundation had been funding this pilot position for 6-7 years as they have been supporting it through the County wage/hiring freeze.  We are now able to bring this position in house and will round out the YS team.  Pauline asked whether we have coordinated with CWC as they are starting a college prep program too.  Deb will follow up with Dimmie on that.  There were some questions on positions and teams, Deb will send the Board an org. chart on staff functions.  In our budget request, we had wanted to fill two entry level LA desk workers as a job share. We may reassess this and look at our real needs and what is happening with existing staff.  We have several job shares (3 out of 4) who would like to work more hours.  These are experienced staff that we hate to lose.  We have two more staff that we know of who are planning retirement in the next few years.  These changes in staffing will balance out the workload of supervisors.  Dimmie will now be down to five staff to supervise and D will have three.
Action Items: None

New Business
Board Development Consultant – Lisa & Deb are planning a board retreat with John Heyman, possibly in the last week of October or first week of November.  It will either be ½ day or full day.  Lisa will send an email to the Board.  Missy asked if they would look at collaborating with supporting organizations. 

Patricia moved to adjourn the meeting, Nancy seconded, meeting adjourned.