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Director’s Take: Moving Ahead With Addition & Renovation

Now that the library’s funding for the addition and renovation is secure, we are moving ahead with our project.  So, I’d like to give you a brief update on what’s happening.
The number one question I hear is “when will you start building?“  The answer is early summer 2011, with a target completion date of January 2013.
Of course, there are many steps in between.  To begin, we are preparing our pre-application for the Town of Jackson.  Just like everyone else, the library needs to go through the appropriate permitting processes.
I’m anticipating that we will have sketch plans ready for review by the Town Planning Commission by January 2011.  If all goes well in the approval process with the Planning Commission and Town Council, then the library would be ready to send out bid packets for construction in April 2011.  And dirt could start to fly in June 2011.
Behind the scenes, we are digging back into the design process and moving into the sketch plan/construction drawing phase.  There’s nothing new to show you yet.  I’m expecting we’ll have more to share in January.
Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please call or email Facilities Manager Dail Barbour (733-2164 x. 121 ) or me (733-2164 x. 128 ).
I’m excited to get started on this important project for our community.

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