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Three Finalists Selected for Public Art

Jackson, WY- Three finalists have been selected out of 448 applicants for the Teton County Library’s public art opportunity for a new, site-specific work for the library’s renovated lobby, which is currently under construction. The Library Board approved the three finalists as recommended by the library’s Public Art Selection Panel at their monthly public board meeting Thursday, March 1.

The three finalists are all teams of two artists: Shoshannah White and Christopher Campbell; Yong Ju Lee and Brian Brush; Volkan Alkanoglu and Marc Fornes. Their professional backgrounds include a range of specialties in architecture, urban planning, photography, computer science, environmental science and design of the environment. The teams have experience with public art commissions in the U.S. and internationally, and they have received academic appointments to top-ranking design institutions.

“The artists’ background, experience and quality of their work are outstanding,” said Library Public Art Coordinator Carrie Geraci. “Additionally, two of the teams represent a new emergence of art, architecture and technology which is exciting and significant for the library as we move into the future.”

Included in the 448 applications were 15 local artist submissions. Several of the local artists made it into the second round of voting, and one made it into the third round, included in a short-list of ten artists. “While the Selection Panel didn’t give a weighted preference to local artists, they were strongly considered and discussed,” said Geraci. “It’s common for public art commissions to be open for all artists to apply—a practice which also makes our local artists eligible for non-local projects.”

Integrated and Unique Design
The artist team will create and install artwork that integrates with the concepts and design of the library’s architect, Gilday Architects.

“I’m excited to see the how the artists will enhance the vision of the library design that we’ve created,” said Peggy Gilday. “I also appreciate the way these three design teams demonstrate a willingness to connect with our community and ability to customize their talents to our space, creating something unique for us. This new creative energy from the outside will add another layer to an already beautifully-designed space.”

Selection Process
The members of the Library Board-appointed Public Art Selection Panel are Tayloe Piggott, local artist and gallery owner; Christian Earl, GE Johnson Construction Manager for the library addition and renovation project; Dail Barbour, Library Facility Manager; Dimmie Zeigler, local artist, former Public Art Taskforce member and Library Education & Programs Manager; Lisa Delaney, Library Board President; Pauline Towers-Dykeman, Library Foundation Associate Director; and Peggy Gilday, Architect for the library addition and renovation project.

The library utilized the Western States Arts Federation’s (WESTAF) website to host the Call to Artists, and the Library Selection Panel used the WESTAF system’s scoring and jury administration guidelines. The standardized reporting generated from the WESTAF site is designed to make the process fair, accurate and transparent to all artists.

“The selection process we’re using is a thorough and thoughtful process,” said Library Board President Lisa Delaney. “The WESTAF system ensured that all the artists’ material was collected properly and accurately. In addition, our Selection Panel works wonderfully as a team, making the selection process streamlined and consistent.”

The library’s artist selection process has three phases. In the first phase, which has just been completed, a Call to Artists was announced on January 2, and artists were given six weeks to submit qualifications. The Library Public Art Selection Panel then assessed and scored applications based on specific selection criteria outlined in the Call to Artists. Using the WESTAF scoring and jury administration guidelines, the pool of 448 applications was culled to 32, then ten, and lastly to three finalists.

In phase two, the three finalists will participate in a site visit to the library on March 19, and each will develop a conceptual proposal which is site-specific to the Teton County Library. In phase three, the Selection Panel will recommend one finalist for approval by the Library Board in May. The selected artist will be awarded $65,000 to create and install a site-specific work in the newly renovated library lobby in November 2012. The artist will work in coordination with library construction manager, GE Johnson, along with architect team Gilday Architects and Humphries/Poli Architects.

Funded by Donations
The library is currently constructing a new wing and renovating the original building and infrastructure with funds from the voter-approved Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET). However, the public art project, including the artist stipend and Public Art Coordinator position, are funded through private donations to the Teton County Library Foundation from The Sage Foundation and the Friends of the Teton County Library.

“The Library is so incredibly fortunate to have such an engaged Library Foundation who makes community initiatives like this turn into reality,” said Library Board President Lisa Delaney. “The Library Friends have also stepped up in a very meaningful way to help fund this project and we are thrilled with their enthusiasm and action for community benefit.”

More Information
For general information about the library’s public art project, contact Carrie Geraci, Teton County Library Public Art Coordinator, 307-413-1474, .
To find out more about the three finalist teams and their work, visit the following websites:
1. Shoshannah White and Christopher Campbell:
2. Brian Brush and Yong Ju Lee:
3. Volkan Alkanoglu and Marc Fornes:

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