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  • Exit: The Endings That Set Us Free
  • Author: Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
  • User Rating: 4
  • Review: TCL call number: 390 Lawrence S

    Cindy's rating: 4 stars
    I was scanning the new book shelf recently, and the title of this book intrigued me. It certainly is a unique perspective, looking at the various departures we make throughout our lives. Whether it's something large like leaving a job you've held for years to saying goodbye to a friend after lunch, we've all left something. I've often felt unsettled at times of transition, when I've made a decision to move on from something. Those awkward goodbyes reverberate more with me than a new start I've been looking forward to.
    The author examines the narratives of 10 subjects and their exits...for example from emigration, divorce, or leaving a career. Her focus is on the ambivalence, decisions and epiphany of those leavings. In our culture that values new ventures and experiences Lawrence writes, exits "are often ignored or are invisible".
    This was a thoughtful book on an interesting topic.

Fiction Reviews:(View All)

  • Someone
  • Author: Alice McDermott
  • User Rating: 4
  • Review: TCL Call #: F McDermott A

    Cindy's Rating: 4 stars
    I look forward to a new book by the author Alice McDermott almost as much as new works by Alice Munro or Anna Quindlen...but I would have chosen this book simply because of its cover design. A simple serene illustration of a Brooklyn neighborhood where a thousand "someones" live is depicted.
    This book is a portrait of the life of Marie Commeford. We first meet her when she is 7 years old, waiting for her father to return from work to greet her on the steps of their brownstone in an Irish Catholic neighborhood.
    Over the next 200 pages we read about the major and minor events of her life...marriage, births, deaths and throughout, her relationship with her brother Gabe. And perhaps, nothing more distinguishes her life from yours or mine, but it is in the subtle observations of those events and the beautiful writing that makes this book shine. It made me think of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith.