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Auditorium and Conference Room Policies

August, 2008

The auditorium and conference room in the Teton County Library are available free of charge for non-profit and community organizations for educational, recreational, cultural and civic purposes.  Rooms are not available for groups that promote hatred, or condone illegal or treasonous activity.  Rooms are not intended for individual personal use.  Study rooms can be reserved at the computer center in the main library.

Groups must fill out an application and sign the bottom of this form to use the rooms if the use occurs when the library is not open to the public and staff is not present.  Activities in the rooms may occur between the hours of 8:30 AM and 10:00 PM.  All after hour’s users must meet with the library Facility Manager before their scheduled event.  The capacity of the meeting rooms is:
Auditorium   125
Conference     15
Groups using the rooms are responsible for staying within the capacity of the room.

All children’s groups using the rooms must be under adequate adult supervision, with a minimum ratio of one adult for every ten children in attendance at all times.

Fees for services, sales, or the distribution of merchandise for sale will not be allowed, except for Library fund-raising events and Library sponsored author readings/book signings.

Rooms are not intended for a group’s regular weekly meeting place.  Monthly meetings are allowed, however, no reservation for rooms will be taken over sixty days in advance unless special arrangements are made with the library.

Library activities or other library demands have priority over those of any other institution or organization.  The library reserves the right to withdraw permission for the use of any meeting room and will make every effort to provide adequate notice if this necessity occurs.

The Teton County Library reserves the right to review each prospective use and determine whether or not that use falls within the meeting room policies.  These policies are not all inclusive; library management will determine approval of individual meeting situations not described here.

Permission to use the library’s meeting facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the library for a group’s product, service or program.  In issuing posters, press releases or other publicity, groups may not infer that their programs are sponsored, co-sponsored or approved by the Teton County Library.

Light refreshments such as coffee and donuts or sandwiches can be served.  All beverage containers must have lids.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.  Full meal service is not allowed.  All groups are responsible for providing cups, utensils, napkins, etc. and for all clean up.  If any spills, garbage or generally unclean conditions are found upon inspection of the room after the event, a cleaning fee will be charged.

Chairs and tables are available in the meeting room storage area.  Groups are responsible for set up and for returning the rooms to the configuration displayed in each room.

The library has equipment available for use on a first come, first serve basis which must be reserved in advance at the circulation desk.  Available items are:
Overhead Projector                                                                          
Slide Projector
Audio/Video:  includes cable TV, DVD/VCR/CD player,
Projection Screens
cassette player

27” TV and VCR/DVD player-Available at the Computer Cente

Teton County Library Meeting Rooms
Acknowledgement of Responsibility

The organization’s representative requesting the use of the library space acknowledges that a copy of these policies has been made available to them and agrees on behalf of the organization to conform to all rules, regulations and responsibilities as set forth in these policies. The undersigned organization will indemnify and hold harmless the Library from any and all claims, actions, causes of actions, liabilities, demands and judgments, loss or damage including all costs of defense and attorney’s fees incurred in defending against same, arising from and related to their use of the premises located at 125 Virginian Lane, Jackson, Wyoming.  The group’s actions include the acts of their agents, employees, and volunteers.

Organizations are responsible for any damage to the premise during their use and for any repairs needed.

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