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1st - 4th Grade

Top Tips for Parents

  • Tip #1: Make reading and math fun at home.
  • Tip #2: Set a routine to read aloud with your child 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Tip #3: Encourage self expression by giving your child opportunities to explore art, music, dance, drama, sports, hobbies and nature.


  • Reading and math can be made fun by playing games at home. Games give a child a chance to apply the reading and math concepts learned at school.
  • Reading aloud with your child develops a bond around learning. When your child reads aloud, it gives him a chance to practice and improve. When you read to your child, it helps her continue to build vocabulary and understanding beyond what she is able to read on her own.
  • Exposure to different interests can bring new experiences that complement a child’s academic and emotional development.

At This Age Your Child Is Learning By

reading and being read to daily… being physically active… writing… playing cards & dice games… playing outside… drawing… crafts… finishing homework… playing pretend… board games… exploring interests

Simple Things You Can Do To Encourage Your Child’s Learning

  • Encourage your child to play games, such as Mad Libs, Hangman, Scrambled Words, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word finds/word searches, cooking from recipes, dominos, card games such as Challenge, War, or Crazy 8s, money counting, telling time, grocery shopping, memory games, etc.
  • When playing a game, let your child tell you about the rules and the purpose of each game he already knows.
  • Take turns daily having your child read aloud to you, and you reading aloud to her.
  • Check daily with your child about homework and provide what he needs to complete tasks, such as a set time, space, and needed school supplies and materials.
  • Set time for your child to both use electronics and have fun away from them.
  • Consider enrolling your child in an activity she enjoys and shows a true interest in, from art to sports, music to dance, etc.

Web Resources for Reading

International Children’s Digital Library:
Collection of outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world.

Reading Rockets:
Reading guides and resources for parents to help children develop literacy skills.

Ms. Waltke’s site:
Teacher-created website with unit content, spelling words and exercises.

(Have your library card and PIN number handy!) Found in the database section of the Teton County Library’s website. Offers animated films of several storybook favorites. Some storybook films are also in Spanish. Includes games and activities related to the books.

Web Resources for Math

Brain Pop: and
Animated educational site for science, math, reading, technology and more.

Math Dictionary for Kids:
Interactive dictionary with concepts, examples and activities.

Cool Math:
Lessons and games to review math for children up to 13.

Web Resources for Homework Help

(Have your library card and PIN number handy!) Online resource available through the TC Library. Provides live tutoring in English and Spanish in subject areas; offers tests in areas including reading, writing, math, science to test key learning objectives.

Internet Public Library:
Homework help for elementary school students.

Web Resources for Arts, Sports and Nature

Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Virtual visit to MOMA in New York City and activities for children.

San Francisco Symphony Kids:
Learn about musical instruments, hear what they sound like and then make your own music in the music lab.

The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge:
ArtsEdge is the Kennedy Center’s free digital resource for teaching and learning in, through and about the arts.

National Geographic:
Activities, facts and stories about animals, people and places.

Web-Based Educational Games

Fun Brain:
Mad libs, online math, reading and arcade games.

Dr. Seuss:
Games, videos and resources based on Dr. Seuss books and characters.

Sadlier-Oxford Student Center:
Games to develop literacy skills for each grade level.

Dr. Mike’s Math Games:
Activities and ideas for online and at home games.