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Western Americana

The very mention of the Old West conjures up romantic images of pioneering explorers, dusty cattle trails, rowdy saloons and unbridled opportunities.
The opening of the American West during the 19th century represents a truly unique time in the history of North America, a cornerstone in our nation’s development that helped shape and define our country. A great deal of folklore, fact and fiction grew out of this rustic era of Americana, and Jackson Hole is part of the legend. Teton County Library has an ongoing commitment to provide our patrons with a variety of the best materials pertaining to the Old West.

The Library’s Western Americana Study Collection, which includes about 4,660 titles, focuses largely on the period of 1820 through 1900, covering such topics as the fur trade, the Pony Express, cowboys and mountain men. Growing within the collection is a section of materials written by or about Native Americans and books on the vital role women played in the development of the West. Emphasis is placed on books about Jackson Hole and the State of Wyoming. We have a locked cabinet containing early Western publications and the “Laubin Collection” derived from the estate of Plains Indian scholars Reginald and Gladys Laubin.

The traditional Western novel also holds a place in this collection, with all major authors and almost 700 titles included.