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Tips on Attaching Your Digital Photos to E-mails

We have patrons come to the Computer and Information Center (CIC) all of the time fresh off the slopes, trails or returning from a road trip through the parks. They have pictures they want to e-mail from their cameras to their friends and family.  This is easy and convenient to do from any of the library’s public computers.  Use the USB cable that came with your digital camera or ask any staff member at the desk for the media card reader (free of charge) that reads 56 different types of memory cards.

The newer digital cameras are very high resolution and make huge picture files. The higher the “Mega Pixels”, the bigger the file. I was just looking at photos from my 8 mega pixel camera and the file sizes are from 1.6 all the way up to 6 megabytes. 1.6 isn’t too bad, but be careful about sending too many 6 megabyte pictures as e-mail attachments. Your recipients could have trouble opening them because of a slow Internet connection or a slow computer and you could fill up their e-mail inbox. We have programs on our computer that make it quick and easy to reduce the size of your pictures before sending. Our staff can help you if you need it.

On our adult 1-hour Internet computers, you can use Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Picasa3. On our adult express and Youth Services Internet computers (For our youth patrons only), you can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Check out the library’s computer class calendar to see when we’ll be offering the next class on photo editing.  Sign up for these classes at the Computer and Information Desk. 

Keep taking those pictures!