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Non-Fiction Reviews: (View All)

  • The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
  • Author: Daniel James Brown
  • User Rating: 4
  • Review: TCL Call Number:797.12 BROWN D

    Ingrid's rating: 4.5 stars

    I enjoyed listening to the CD book version of this non fiction account of the events and circumstances leading up to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The rowing team of Washington State competes fiercely with the German and Italian teams for the ultimate victory.

    The book was well written and authentic with a lot of excitement throughout. I also learned a great deal about the sport of rowing and its history in America.

    There was a lot of great background about the tapestry of American life during and after the Great Depression, as the book centers around the life of one of the boatmen in particular.

  • Paleo Cooking from Elana's Pantry: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes
  • Author: Elana Amsterdam
  • User Rating: 1
  • Review: TCL Call#: 641.5637 Amsterdam E

    Madeleine - 1 star
    DISCLAIMER: some results listed below could be from high altitude but . . .
    - Bacon Tart (p 79) was not very tasty, unexpected with the word "bacon" in the title
    - Shallot Tart Crust (p 102)was uber-dry and oddly raw "oniony". I tried making it again with caramelized shallots which was better for flavor and I added 1 T coconut flour which was better for consistency and I par baked the crust for longer which also helped consistency but at that point it's not like I'm working with the recipe anymore.
    - Cesar Dressing (p 87) was so bland [and yes I have a Vita mixer]
    - Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (p 99) I enjoyed that it was not a sugar bomb but the word crisp did not belong anywhere near the title and it was just mush. Plus, the recipe says 6 stalks of rhubarb (@ 1 1/2 Cups). 1 and 1/2 stalks of rhubarb made 1 1/2 cups. What to do with the other 4 1/2 stalks?

    It just seemed the measurements were off, the recipes were missing steps, and the end results were underwhelming.

Fiction Reviews:(View All)

  • All the Light We Cannot See
  • Author: Anthony Doerr
  • User Rating: 5
  • Review: TCL Call Number: F Doerr A

    Cindy W.'s rating: 5 stars
    There are three main characters in this sensory-rich, elegantly written novel set in Europe during World War Two. One of them is Marie-Laure, a teen-age French girl rendered blind by cataracts as a child. She bravely navigates the horrors of the war, first in her native Paris, then, thanks to the harried, intuitive escape efforts of her devoted father, in the Brittany Coast town of Saint-Malo. The second main character is Werner, a German orphan, intellectually gifted with science skills, which he innocently hones into the then politically crucial area of radio transmissions. The Nazis find out about Werner's gift, pluck him from the orphanage he and his younger sister live in, and use him to locate enemy radio transmitters. The stories of these two children intersect in random events as thinly and invisibly connected as the radio waves that eventually bring them together. The third main character is a rare, obsession-provoking diamond. Its story fuels the plot of this novel almost as much as those of Marie-Laure and Werner. This is Anthony Doerr’s fifth publication. It was on the NY Times Bestseller list for eight weeks in 2014.

    Diana's rating: 5 stars
    What a rarity! A literary page-turner I would recommend to a man or woman, young or old. Alternating stories written from also alternating points in time, which come suspensefully together at a crucial moment at the end of World War II in France. Two children for whom adulthood is thrust upon them, whose lives are intertwined in ways neither understands through the power of radio and the love of science. Get yourself on hold for this one!

  • The Expats
  • Author: Chris Pavone
  • User Rating: 4
  • Review: TCL Call Number: F Pavone

    Jane's rating: 4 stars
    I liked this because of its marital tension angle and
    international intrigue. The wife suspects her husband of
    being involved in black market arms, while he suspects her
    of wrongdoing as well. As they travel through Europe, both
    plotlines come to a head. Lots of tension and suspense.
    Also read his book "The Accident."