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The Teton County Library offers open wireless Internet access to the public

The Teton County Library wireless network provides open wireless Internet access for owners of wireless ready laptop computers. If your laptop has a compatible, working, correctly configured internal or external wireless card, you can access the Internet from the Library’s network.

If your laptop does not already have wireless capabilities, you can check out and install a wireless card and software. You will need to check out and install the wireless card software the first time you use it. On subsequent visits, you will need only to check out and insert the card. The network card uses the 802.11b wireless standard. These packages can be checked out at the Library’s Front Desk.

To access the Internet using the Library’s open wireless access point, you need:
A wireless ready laptop computer.
Your wireless network card configured to obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS address automatically. New laptops are pre-configured to work this way and will work with the Library’s network with no changes.
Your computer needs to find and associate with the wireless network. This usually happens automatically. The Teton County Library wireless network is called TCL and does not require passwords or user information.  There is free WiFi throughout the entire building.

Currently, there is no provision for printing from the wireless network. You may save your work to a CD, USB thumb drive or email it to yourself and use a public computer at the Library’s Computer Center to print documents.

You maintain all responsibility for your laptop. The Library does not provide any virus protection. For your security, you may wish to turn off any shared files you have while you are connected to the Internet.

The Library’s wireless network provides you with Internet access; however, the performance of specific Internet web sites depends on many factors which are beyond the Library’s control.

Your use of the Library’s wireless network must adhere to all existing Library policies, including behavior and computer policies. Disruptive or illegal use of your computer, its programs or the Library’s network may result in suspension of library privileges and potential prosecution.