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Tips for Parents

1. Set a good example by modeling reading.

2. Take your children to the library regularly to ensure books are available at home.

3. Make sure children six or older have a library card.

4. Sign up your children for the library’s Kids’ Summer Reading Program and help them succeed with their goals by finding time for their reading.

5. Talk to your children about what they are reading.

6. Read together or promote reading for your children daily.

7. Check out magazines and musical CD's to add variety to literacy.

8. During trips, encourage kids to read aloud traffic signs, billboards and store fronts.

9. Encourage children to take books with them while waiting for lessons, appointments, or driving places.

10. Make reading fun, relaxed and exciting for them.

11. If traveling to other places, check out the children's departments at other libraries to see what their summer reading program is doing.

12. Remember that reading also helps writing, listening, and speaking skills.