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Library Board Narrows Building Concept to One Design

Jackson, WY- The library’s building addition plans are taking shape as the Library Board gave direction to the architecture team at their December 17 meeting to narrow their focus to one general layout design.

Gilday and Humphries/Poli Architects initially created three design concepts for review and input by the public, library staff and Board. The input received prompted the architects to create one additional design concept, which is a slightly modified version of one of the three original designs. It was presented to the Library Board at their monthly public meeting Thursday and board members came to consensus to move forward with the modified design.

The three original options, named “A”, “B” and “C”, featured variations of the location of the addition as well as possible interior layouts, landscaping features, parking and entrance options. Option “A” featured a southeast wing running run adjacent to Virginian Lane. Option “B” proposed two smaller wings flaring outward to the south, and Option “C” would have expanded the building out along the existing southern wall in one larger block.

All three options were generally well-received by the public, library staff and Board as each had benefits and trade-offs. The architecture team used input from the public and staff meetings to create a refined option to address some of the key concerns and identified priorities. The new design is a modified version of Option “A” and was named “A+” by the architects to reflect the overall consistency with the original option. The architects scored the four designs on factors such as flexibility, sustainability, landscape development, views and cost, and the A+ design received the architects’ highest rating of these and other factors.

The modifications of Option “A” to “A+” include changing the location of the entrance of the library from the northeast corner to an east entrance farther down the building along Virginian Lane with the possibility of a second entrance located on the south part of the building; reconfiguring the parking lot’s vehicle entrance; and enhancing pedestrian traffic areas.

The design-in-progress will create more of a street presence on Virginian lane, and act as a buffer to street traffic for the library’s outdoor spaces, which will include reading areas, and could include a children’s outdoor storytelling space or a teen garden. The design calls for a covered drop-off at the library entrances and handicap parking next to the building to improve access for seniors and other patrons. The interior building layout works to separate tranquil spaces from active areas while putting services for library users in the center of the building.

“We are excited about the ‘A+’ preliminary design which incorporates the priorities identified by the public, library staff and Board,” said library Director Deb Adams. “I believe our architects listened well to everyone and used their expertise to bring multiple perspectives together in developing this design.”

The architects designed the original three options after receiving nearly 1,000 public comments gathered online and in four public forums in October and November. Two public forums in December gave additional input to fine-tune the design proposal. Public comment will be welcome throughout the building process.

Library Director Deb Adams invites the public to join library staff, board members and the architects for a presentation of a single, preliminary building design from 5:30-7 p.m., Wednesday, January 13 in the library’s Reading Room. The current proposed design layout is available for public viewing near the library Front Desk. Comment forms are also available at the display.

On the following day, Thursday, January 14, the Library Board will hold its monthly public meeting at 3 p.m. in the Ordway Auditorium. A single, preliminary design for the addition and improvements will be presented for Library Board approval.

To find out more, get background information, read frequently asked questions or sign up for regular email updates about the library’s main facility improvements and addition, visit the library online at or call Director Deb Adams at 733-2164 ext. 128.
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