Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Approved 5/18/2017


Thursday, April 20, 2017 12:00 pm


Board Member Attendance

Present:  Katherine Dowson, Ari Goldstein, John Hebberger, Jr., Mark Hendrickson,

Absent:  Carol Peck


Audience:  Valerie Maginnis, Library Director; Isabel Zumel, Assistant Library Director; Mary Jo Pollard, Library Services Coordinator;  Rebecca Huntington, Communications Manager; Madeleine Sturmer, IT Manager; Brian Hultman, County Attorney’s Office; Pauline Towers- Dykeman, Teton County Library Foundation Executive Director; Karen Terra, Teton County Library Foundation.


Board Chair John Hebberger, Jr. called the meeting to order with a quorum present.


“Get to Know” TCL Staff – Joe Gagnon, Collection Development

Joe shared he is a member of the library’s Collection Development team, which is charged with planning, building, maintaining balanced collections that meet the needs of the community and follow our collection development criteria.  Joe said that he selects for the 900s, the Dewey classification that encompasses subjects from history to travel.  In addition to selecting these items, he also receives purchase suggestions, which are a direct pipeline to selectors from the public.  As a history buff, he enjoys participating in other library services like assisting high school students with research.  Recently, he helped staff in working with 10 high school students researching their National History Day projects.  The Collection Development team continually works on accessibility of materials to the public, whether doing things like moving the newest DVDs to the front of the DVD section so that patrons can easily find them or looking at expanding digital collections that patrons can access 24 hours a day.  John asked what percent of the collection are patron suggestions.  Joe responded an estimate of about 10% for his collections because his collections are not as well known for popular materials.  However, when items in his collection have multiple holds, he buys additional copies.  Katherine asked how we decide to take books out of our collection.  Joe said that we make these decisions by a weighted process of considering circulation statistics, last time an item has circulated, etc.  We identify materials for possible weeding by looking first at the lowest 20% of a collection’s circulated items and the last time it circulated.  We weed about 10% of the entire library collection annually.  Katherine asked if our library has organized a community “One Read.”  Valerie replied that the library hasn’t to our knowledge in the way “One Reads” have been done nationally.  Pauline said that currently, there is a “mini-One Read” of a book by Dr. Dan Siegel in collaboration with other community organizations.  Generally these kinds of “One Reads” are tied to specific programs and events.  Joe said that the library represents the community’s identity and that it is an honor to curate collections for our community.


Consent Agenda:  Minutes from 3/16/2017 Board Meeting, Correspondence Report, March 2017 Financials, Director’s Report, Library Supporting Organization Reports – Teton County Library Foundation and Friends of Teton County Library Board


John asked to pull the Director’s Report and the March 2017 Financials.


Action Item:  Mark moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Katherine seconded.  All voted in favor.


Regarding the March 2017 Financials, John commented that the utilities expenses reflect the work that Kevin Chatham, Facilities Coordinator, has done to optimize our HVAC system.  The cost savings is significant. 


Regarding the Housing Update in the Director’s Report, John noted that the Library Foundation Board can modify if they will request partial or full repayment of housing assistance provided in some circumstances because it is entirely the Library Foundation’s purview to provide housing assistance funds.  He requested that the Library Board be kept apprised of the direction of the Library Foundation.  Changes to the housing assistance guidelines would need the approval of the Library Board.  Pauline agreed from the Library Foundation perspective that the housing assistance guidelines requires Library Board approval and that the Library Foundation has agreed to fund the housing assistance line item.  Valerie and Pauline met with Jackson Teton County Affordable Housing Director, April Norton, about developing a decision-making process for funding housing assistance proposals.  Katherine asked if there was a common housing assistance application.  Pauline said that the Jackson Teton County Affordable Housing Department and the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust have standard applications and that April will assist with an application for the library to use, as well as developing a process.  Katherine asked how the housing assistance is being funded.  Pauline replied that originally, the funding was to come from a pay-out from the Library Foundation’s endowment.  Now, it will be funded by a donor specifically for the purpose of housing assistance.  Valerie added that although the library does not have an application completed, it does not preclude library staff from coming forward now if there is a pressing need.  John said that it is important that the Housing Task Force reviews any changes to the guidelines before coming to the Library Board for approval.  Valerie shared that April’s feedback was that our work to date on developing guidelines and how we approach an application and process has been impeccable.


Action Item:  Katherine moved to approve the March 2017 Financials and the Director’s Report.  Mark seconded.  All voted in favor.


Payment of Library Vouchers

Ari reported that the vouchers were simpler this month, with more invoices coming from Ingram and Midwest Tapes for our materials and fewer from Amazon, which are more difficult to reconcile.  Also, library managers are using credit cards issued to them for simple team expenses.  There was a minor question on an electrician bill and a request that we ask in the future to break down payment for parts and for labor.  Valerie noted that the library manager credit cards have a $250 limit.  This creates efficiencies for accounting and enables managers to manage their team’s expenses.


Action Item:  Ari moved to approve the payment of library vouchers.  Mark seconded.  All voted in favor.


TCL FY17 Third Quarter Library Use Statistics Report

Katherine commented that after reading the report, she was happy to see the work in Alta with increasing library hours paying off.  Mark remarked that in some areas where there were declines in service or resource used we noted that the declines are following national library trends.  He asked if our increased uses also followed trends.  Valerie said that wireless use was surprisingly down for the same period last year, that it may have been an effect of the weather.  She said that we found in our winter space study that many people are using devices in the library, but not necessarily always on our wifi.  Individuals in the community are turning to us as a third space for themselves, in addition to their home and work space.  This points to a need to emphasize being a welcoming environment, and that this is increasingly a role of the public library nationally.  Valerie added that we have made efforts for our statistics to be in better alignment to the Wyoming State Library reporting standards.  John observed that some of the areas where we are seeing increases are considered more nontraditional library uses.  Despite what appears to be a slight downward trend in collection use, our collection budget request for FY 18 was increased.  Valerie replied that the increase correlates with, among other things, a greater emphasis on device and electronic content use.  For example, we will be joining the Wyoming Virtual Library consortium which will add about 9,000 more e-books and e-audiobooks for our patrons.  We expect that this will increase circulation.  We are already seeing an uptick in use of our Hoopla digital content now that these items are integrated into our catalog, making it easier for patrons to find and use these items.  Additionally, the increased budget request reflects investment in using more vendor services so that we are able to process and make available more quickly the materials our patrons want.




TCL Computer/Internet Use Policy

Katherine commented that the proposed new Computer/Internet Use Policy is well stated.  In terms of youth using unfiltered internet, she asked how we reconcile consequences for youth, like being asked to not be in the library for a period of time, if they don’t use the internet appropriately when perhaps they would not reach inappropriatesites with filters.  Valerie responded that Teton County Library has never filtered although other public libraries do.  Deciding whether to filter or not is a staff/community conversation based on each community’s standards.  She added that when we issue children library cards, we provide details to parents that we don’t filter and rather encourage that the parents instruct and guide their child’s use of the internet.  This is an ongoing conversation with our youth services staff.  There have been few incidents of inappropriate use and staff are prepared to have conversations with parents when these instances arise.  Recently, at the fall screening of the film “Screenagers” we shared in the panel discussion that the library does not filter.  Madeleine said that filters are not robust and that our library is following American Library Association standards to not fetter access.  The Internet Use Policy includes language about refraining from disruptive behavior when using the internet to give some leeway.   We developed this language looking at other public libraries’ policies to follow our industry’s standards.  John said that the obvious change in the proposed policy is a clear message to parents that the library does not filter.  He asked if we have received parent feedback on this.  Valerie replied that we have not received comments from parents and emphasized our open door policy to discuss this our internet use policy with parents.  She reiterated that the language provides some leeway on interpreting behavior and that consequences, like suspension of library privileges, would be considered if a pattern of misuse emerges.    Valerie said that the library board’s approval of this draft would then initiate a 45 day public comment period before the library board makes a final decision.


Action Item:  Ari moved to approve the proposed Computer/Internet Use Policy language for a 45 day public comment period.  Mark seconded.  All voted in favor.


TCL Service Animal Behavior Policy

Valerie shared that the intent of the proposed policy is not to discourage service animals, but to have parameters for the behavior of service animals for safety reasons.  In 2016, we had incidents that related to the behavior of a service animal.  Our research revealed that many libraries are facing this issue.  Our hope is that this policy will provide more clarity to staff in managing issues related to service animals.  Katherine asked if library staff could request to see proof or certification of an animal being a service animal.  Valerie replied that we cannot and that there are limitations to the kinds of questions that can be asked.  The proposed policy articulates that service animals must be able to manage based on behavior standards set by national service animal organizations.  Ari asked if there is a county standard on service animals.  Mark asked if people who need service animals would be able to see and read this policy.  Valerie said that the county does not have a standard.  Also, many people have service animals not only for reasons of sight.  The proposed policy speaks to a significant number of issues we encountered in summer 2016 in order to keep the library accessible and approachable.  Katherine asked if individuals that enter the library with a service animal could be provided with a copy of the policy.  Valerie responded that we can work on a plan to do so should the policy be approved.


Action Item:  Mark moved to approve the proposed Service Animal Behavior Policy language for a 45 day public comment period.  Katherine seconded.  All voted in favor.


August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse and Library Activities

Mark noted that there were three proposed options for the library’s plan for the Solar Eclipse and asked Valerie what her recommendation was.  Valerie said that her recommendation was that the library open for full operations from 3-8pm on August 21 and that library staff participate in community programs prior to opening.  Our desired outcome is to have our staff doing library outreach in the morning leading up to the eclipse, and still be open to the public for regular operations for a portion of the day.  She added that the Facilities Coordinator’s recommendation is to make the library parking lot and restrooms in the Main Wing available all day, including prior to the 3pm opening.  Our expectation is that library staff participate in eclipse-related activities through outreach, and to be available to assist with hosting or whatever is needed to support town and county operations.  There will be standard in-house library duties that day that could be done prior to opening in the afternoon.   


Action Item:  Katherine moved to approve partial-day closure of the Main Library in Jackson for full operations from 10 am – 3pm on August 21, 2017.  Mark seconded.  All voted in favor.


Action Item:  John moved to adjourn the library board meeting and move into Executive Session.  All voted in favor.