Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Approved 6/15/2017


Thursday, May 18, 2017 12:00 pm


Board Member Attendance

Present:  Katherine Dowson, Ari Goldstein, John Hebberger, Jr., Mark Hendrickson, Carol Peck


Audience:  Valerie Maginnis, Library Director; Isabel Zumel, Assistant Library Director; Mary Jo Pollard, Library Services Coordinator; Smokey Rhea, County Commissioner; Brian Hultman, County Attorney’s Office; Pauline Towers-Dykeman, Teton County Library Foundation Executive Director; Judy Opatrny, Teton County Library Foundation; Karen Terra, Teton County Library Foundation; Michelle Gammer.


Board Chair John Hebberger, Jr. called the meeting to order with a quorum present.


“Get to Know” TCL Staff – Stephanie Franco, Circulation Services Specialist

Stephanie described her role as ensuring all circulation operations run smoothly and supervising the library’s part-time Library Assistants and Library Pages, who assist with circulation, finding materials and properly returning items to the shelves.  Stephanie moved to Jackson in the 1990s speaking no English as her early education in Southern California was all in Spanish.  She spent quite a bit of time out of school at Teton County Library.  She was often the last youth patron to leave the library and she considered the library her second home.  Working at the library is a calling for her.  She understands patrons who feel the same as her about the library being the place to learn anything and everything without judgment.  Stephanie completed her degree in Salt Lake City and then returned to Jackson.  She is pleased to be in a position that enables her to contribute to keeping the library and the library’s materials in order and accessible to patrons as the library moves forward.   Karen asked Stephanie what a day-in-the-life was like in Stephanie’s position.  Stephanie said she works closely with Pages to ensure materials are checked in correctly.  With the Library Assistants, she provides feedback and guidance on customer service, managing their questions that relate to patron accounts, or details like items returned with missing parts.  She emphasizes having the patron leave happy, especially if they’re able to leave with something in hand that they’re interested in.  She also oversees all of our public desk and page scheduling.  John asked what were the challenges.  Stephanie replied that it’s primarily the small hiccups, like what we should do when what happens when items have missing pieces.  Sometimes it’s also trying to keep a fun environment when things get backed up.  For example, if there are three full carts to shelve, but only one Library Page scheduled.  She emphasizes to our part-time employees not getting anxious because it will all get done.  She often jumps in to support the Pages in situations like this.  Valerie added that Stephanie has fully embraced newer scheduling models of having part-time Library Assistants have regular weekly schedules on evenings and weekends, as well as opportunities to pick up additional shifts during the week.  Stephanie has also supported a move to recruit high school students as Library Pages for shelving during the summer and possibly after school.  Stephanie will be interviewing and bringing on high school students for Library Page work.


Consent Agenda:  Minutes from 4/20/2017 Board Meeting, Correspondence Report, April 2017 Financials, Director’s Report, Library Supporting Organization Reports – Teton County Library Foundation


John and Mark asked to pull the April 2017 Financials.  John asked to pull the Director’s Report.


Action Item:  Carol moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Katherine seconded.  All voted in favor.


Regarding the April 2017 Financials, Mark asked if the Deferred Property Tax Revenue on the Balance Sheet is adjusted monthly.  Mary Jo replied that it’s not, that it’s an annual figure.  Mark asked for clarification on why the Cash Reserve was listed as a Liability.  Mary Jo said she would inquire with our Accountant.  Mark asked about Deferrals, and Mary Jo responded that the figure is determined annually. Mark asked if it would be possible to combine the SPET financials with our Income Statements.  Mary Jo said that currently they are kept separate but would ask if the separation was necessary.  Finally, Mark asked about our book inventory being included in our Assets.  Valerie replied that our books were certainly an asset, that we would look into how this could be reflected on our financials, and that working with Collection Development the plan is to do an inventory this calendar year.  John asked about the format of our financials being simplified, using the Poudre River Public Library model, and if we have moved as far as we can to simplify our financials.  Valerie responded that Poudre River operates as a district, which is different from our county library, and is possibly using a different accounting system.  She said we would continue to work on moving our statements to a more simplified reporting while also balancing what we need for the auditor.  Ari said that the simplified Profit & Loss YTD Comparison is a first step.  With a couple more steps, we should be able to develop simpler summary reports.  Carol asked about remaining SPET funds.  Valerie responded that she had a few queries out about expending these funds.  Deputy County Attorney, Keith Gingery, had indicated the need to spend these monies down.  County Administrator, Alyssa Watkins, had suggested that we take an additional fiscal year to wisely spend the funds by the end of FY 18.  We have identified projects for space and technology improvements, as well as collections improvements for greater accessibility.  The direction to library staff is to have these funds encumbered by the end of FY 18.


Regarding the Director’s Report, John indicated the narrative was a powerful way to catch up on the breadth of things happening at the library.  He said that he asked for the Director’s Report to be pulled because of the Housing Fund section of the report.  He wanted to be sure that by approving the Consent Agenda that the board was not approving the changes in language to the Housing Fund guidelines and procedures as described in the Director’s Report.  Valerie said that the inclusion the Housing Fund in the Director’s Report was for providing information to the Library Board, not seeking board approval to changes.  The changes described include language related to full or partial repayment of housing assistance funds and the inclusion of either the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department or the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust in vetting housing fund requests.  The Affordable Housing Department has said they do not have the bandwidth to assist with vetting requests, and we are awaiting response from the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust.  John said that he is not prepared to approve the changes in language, and wants to ensure that the library’s staff housing task force supports the language.  Valerie responded that the modifications in language were presented to the task force and that task force members were supportive.  Once we receive a response from the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust, we will compose a full library board report with an action item.


In response to a request in the Director’s Report to determine which library board members will attend upcoming staff meetings, board members volunteered.  Mark will attend the July 12 staff meeting, John will provisionally attend September 13, and Carol will attend the November 8 meeting.


Action Item:  Mark moved to approve the April 2017 Financials and the Director’s Report.  Carol seconded.  All voted in favor.


Payment of Library Vouchers

Ari reported that there were some large expenses, but normal for this time of the year.  He observed that reconciling the library manager credit cards, as well as more of our materials coming through Ingram and Midwest Tapes and fewer from Amazon was working well. 


Action Item:  Ari moved to approve the payment of library vouchers.  Mark seconded.  All voted in favor.


Alta Branch Update – Eva Dahlgren, Alta Branch Manager

Eva provided an update on branch visitations since the library board’s approval in December 2016 of new, additional hours, which include being open on Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm and on Fridays from 10 am – 4 pm.  These new hours have been in effect for 19 weeks.  Eva noted that the average visits per day in 2016 on Wednesdays was 60 and that average daily attendance in 2017 is 67.  Fridays are seeing consistently 60 visitors per day, and Story Times have moved to Friday mornings.  She attributes this to word of mouth marketing, more programming in the evenings and a consistency in hours that are easy to remember.  Patrons know that the branch is closed only on Sundays and Mondays.   She observed that there are jumps in visits when we offer programs, and that there have been 14 uses of the community room by outside organizations since January 2017.  John asked how many users were from Wyoming vs Idaho, and the effect of the Driggs Branch Library.  Eva said that anecdotally, she sees quite a few patrons from Idaho because the Alta Branch is technically closer to them than the Driggs Branch.  She noted that past library reports indicated impact of the Driggs Branch on Alta Branch visits, but feels that having the amount of Wyoming and Idaho library service for the community is positive.  Eva shared that she has collaborated with the Valley of the Tetons libraries in Victor and Driggs with a first ever bike rally from Idaho libraries to the Alta Library in summer 2016.  She has also attended a Valley of the Tetons staff meeting to discuss possible partnerships.  Katherine asked about responses of Teton Valley residents paying for Teton County Library cards.  Eva said that the first year that this was charged there was visible reaction.  Eva noted that she was on the library committee that considered this fee so she has been able to explain the reasoning to patrons.  The TC library card is still inexpensive at $20 annually.  A few patrons who she expected would not return to the Alta Branch because of the fee have returned and have purchased a library card.  Katherine indicated that with the state funding provided to build the Alta Branch, the branch was intended to also serve as a community center.  She was glad to see utilization of the facility rising.  Valerie said she and Facilities Coordinator, Kevin Chatham, were going to visit Alta on May 22.  Valerie also talked about the July 19 Alta Community Picnic, the Community Advisory Board meeting that day, and attending.  She asked the library board to consider having a board meeting in Alta.  Eva said she thinks the public would attend a library board meeting in Alta.  She added that on July 19, the Grand Teton Music Festival was bringing musicians to perform at the branch.  Pauline clarified that Teton County Library does not participate in Teton Valley’s Tin Cup fundraiser.  She lets people know that they can support the Alta Branch through Old Bill’s Fun Run, and also provides marketing materials encouraging library supporters to support our neighboring Idaho libraries through Tin Cup.


Summary of Public Notice Comments on TCL Internet Use Policy and TCL Service Animal Behavior Policy

Valerie said that as of May 18, no public comment has been received on the policies.  The 45 day public comment period was noticed in Jackson Hole News and Guide, the paper of record.  We will bring back this item at the June library board meeting.


Survey of Local Bank Interest Rates and Services

Valerie described that at the direction of the library board in April, Mary Jo designed and disseminated a survey to 7 local financial institutions to submit requested information by May 15.  Our Investment Policy notes identifying local banking institutions.  After that, Valerie compiled a cursory summary of responses.  Her question to the library board is if it’s the direction of the board to further investigate banking, do we need to issue a formal RFP.  John commented that he checked with Deputy County Attorney, Keith Gingery, and Keith indicated that there is no requirement to look at changing banking institutions.  Valerie concurred that there is no statute requiring a change.   It is up to the library board to determine if this fits into their role of providing fiduciary oversight.  In talking with County Treasurer, Donna Bauer, Donna said that unless there is a significant issue, the library board can decide to do what is comfortable for them.  We currently bank with First Interstate Bank.  Mary Jo said she identified banks through a local search. 


Carol asked what the purpose of this survey was, what we are trying to solve.  Mary Jo commented that interest rates are relatively low for the funds that are sitting in the accounts, and asked if it was worth looking into.  Mark explained that by statute, all public funds need to be guaranteed.  Above $250,000, the FDIC does not insure funds. Funds need to be secured under a pledge or letter of credit and some banks need to purchase this in order to secure the funds.  This purchase is reflected in rates.  Pauline said that from a fundraising side, there is awareness of the assets the library has and that some banks may be interested in working as the library’s financial institution.  This could bring support to the library.  John remarked that he was most comfortable touching base with Keith Gingery.  Katherine asked about the County’s investment policy.  Smokey answered that we could ask about the specifics of the policy.  John asked if there is anything that encourages us to go down the path of issuing a formal RFP for our banking services.  Valerie replied that periodically it’s worthwhile to look at different options and that it has been a positive experience going through this process.  She said she wants to confirm with the County Attorney’s office the purview of the library board with regard to this matter; that should we pursue a process, it needs to be completely objective.  She asked the library board if it is worthwhile to go further with a process.  Mark said that it would be wise to make a decision that looks at customer service, systems provided for banking needs, working relationship with the financial institution; a decision should not be made strictly on interest rates.  John said that he would like Valerie to go forward on this matter by asking the County Attorney’s office the questions raised in this discussion.


Action Item:  John moved to adjourn the library board meeting and move into Executive Session.  All voted in favor.