Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
Approved: 7/20/2017


Thursday, June 15, 2017 12:00 pm

Board Member Attendance
Present:  Katherine Dowson, Ari Goldstein, John Hebberger, Jr., Mark Hendrickson, Carol Peck

Audience:  Valerie Maginnis, Library Director; Isabel Zumel, Assistant Library Director; Mary Jo Pollard, Library Services Coordinator; Walt Gerald, Library Graphic Designer; Keith Gingery, County Attorney’s Office; Pauline Towers-Dykeman, Teton County Library Foundation Executive Director; Judy Opatrny, Teton County Library Foundation; Karen Terra, Teton County Library Foundation; Mike McKean.

Board Chair John Hebberger, Jr. called the meeting to order with a quorum present.

John and library board members thanked Katherine Dowson for her three year tenure on the Library Board.  John noted that Katherine was a real asset.  Valerie thanked Katherine for her stewardship of the library.  John announced that Susan Scarlata was appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to a three year term on the Library Board starting July 2017.

“Get to Know” TCL Staff – Jason Lewis, Web Developer

Jason described the evolution of the library’s website from its inception thirteen years ago to now.  At the beginning, we offered a basic library website with 100 users a month.  Over the years, the website became database driven and editable by staff.  Search optimization made the website easier to find.  More recently, we developed the website to be more responsive, informed by data analytics on website use.  Most recently, the responsiveness was expanded with a site catered to devices in order to capture growing mobile device use.  The library’s online catalog is integrated into the website. Digital collections, which have growing use, are accessible through the website. A current project is integrating more of our digital collections into our library’s online catalog for greater discoverability.  Basic library services offered in person are mirrored online.  We added ticketing options to the website that now support library gala event ticketing and most recently Page to the Podium.  The mission of the library’s website is to inform and engage patrons with library programs, events and services.  Engagement with the library’s social media has grown.  A future question is how to engage with library patrons online and through social media based on demographic information associated with social media, while still protecting patron privacy.   Overall, our website has seen incredible growth, from 10 to 2,000 pages that key staff have access to edit and add content using a CMS system.  We continue to stay on top of harnessing the newest technologies.  Every three years we look to build a new website.  Upcoming projects include building on the success of our social media Friday Reads posts and integrating that content into the website to enhance our reader’s advisory services.

Katherine asked how many staff are involved in web development.  Jason responded that we have a Web Committee, comprised of the Web Developer, IT Manager and Communications Manager, that meets biweekly.  Various managers have control over some content areas of the website and they are trained to add, edit and delete content.  Katherine asked about how we stay relevant with our website.  Carol asked about privacy policies and how far reaching they are.  Jason responded that we are working to stay on top of impacts on privacy.  Some features available through social media would make our website and social media content more relevant.   In particular, Facebook integrations and the amount of information Facebook has.  On the one hand, if we decide to open up Facebook tracking, we could get valuable information about conversion rates and how to customize content.  However this has privacy implications.

Consent Agenda:  Minutes from 5/18/2017 Board Meeting, Correspondence Report, May 2017 Financials, Director’s Report, Library Supporting Organization Reports – Teton County Library Foundation

Mark asked to pull the May 2017 Financials.  John asked to pull the Director’s Report.

Action Item:  Mark moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Ari seconded.  All voted in favor.

Regarding the May 2017 Financials, Mark asked about the inclusion of our collections and books as an asset.  On the Assets & Liabilities report, we are purchasing books and library collections (which is reflected as a output on our cash assets), but not reflecting the value of the books and collections in our net worth.    Mark’s opinion is that we should account for our books and collections as an asset on our balance sheets.  John commented that books and collections have a life and therefore, like Mark, would like to see this reflected as an asset.  Valerie replied that we are working on determining the best way to integrate our systems to comply with GASB 34.  We will discuss with our auditors what we need to reflect our collections in our assets, while also understanding how this may affect our internal accounting processes.  Ari noted that we had discussed the value of our books and collections in terms of insurance, and that from a practical measure, our balance sheet should reflect that value should an insurance incident arise.

John raised the simplification of our financial reporting, an issue that was brought up in November 2016.  He observed that the board still receives nine pages of financials now, as we did in July 2016, and asked if we are truly moving towards a more simplified summary.  Mark asked if some of the detail can be collapsed and condensed.  Mary Jo responded that it was possible.  John asked if perhaps the Library Board Treasurer could receive the full detail monthly, and the rest of the board receive full details twice a year and summaries the rest of the time.  Keith Gingery shared that the County Commission and the School Board receive a monthly 1 page summary that describes where revenue and expenses are over or under and if funds need to be moved from one item to another.  By statute, the only one item one needs to keep a closer watch on is travel.  This line item needs to be adjusted with board oversight.  John requested that the board be provided a condensed report with travel as a line item.  The expectation is that the Treasurer is reviewing the detail.  Ari said he will work with Mary Jo on a template for the next report.  Mark said that we will need to have the year to date comparisons reflect the seasonality of revenue and expenses.

Regarding the Director’s Report, John requested that the narrative be provided in bullet points for ease in reading and understanding.  Valerie replied that we will adjust the report format to reflect the request.

Action Item:  Carol moved to approve the May 2017 Financials and the Director’s Report.  Mark seconded.  All voted in favor.

Payment of Library Vouchers

Ari reported that there were large expenses because of year end.  He said that in the past month, the library began using a new voucher format that auto-populates; developed an expense booklet for travel to easily track expenses; moved payroll fully to Quickbooks.  These changes are taking the library towards greater automation and accuracy.

Action Item:  Ari moved to approve the payment of library vouchers.  Carol seconded.  All voted in favor.

TCL Staff Task Force Housing Proposal - Revised

Valerie said that there were two small revisions that the Task Force approved.  Valerie noted that Walt Gerald, a member of the Task Force, was present to answer questions.  Valerie recapped that the development of the Staff Task Force on Housing was a board directive, with the Library Foundation participating.  She shared that the housing assistance fund recommended by the Task Force has already received a request.

John asked Walt about the revision regarding full or partial repayment of housing assistance.  Walt replied that the Task Force tried to avoid listing specific scenarios of repayment; rather to leave it open ended.  In his previous experience, his family’s moving expenses were paid for by an employer in exchange for a tenure of working at the organization for two years.  This was a realistic scenario and a reasonable request.  John said that in the revision there was no specificity of when full or partial repayment was required.  Was the full Task Force comfortable with that?  Walt said that all Task Force members present at that discussion were comfortable, but that a couple of members missed the discussion.  Valerie said that after the discussion she reached out to the other Task Force members via email and she did not receive any comments.  Valerie said that we could do further investigation, but that it is not an uncommon practice to look at repayment, most often through tenure of employment.  Repayment is not the driving factor for the housing assistance fund; the focus is on assisting staff to enable them to stay with the library.  Carol asked who decides the tenure requirement question.  Valerie said that a typical scenario could be assistance with a security deposit on a leased apartment.  Since a lease is typically a year, if the employee stays with the library a year or longer, the expectation is that this will be considered repaid.    Pauline said this revision was of interest to the Foundation and that they are discussing this with legal counsel so that it is not discriminatory.  The Foundation wants to meet staff needs, but is stamping all documents for this process as “draft” for now.

Mark asked who makes the decision around housing assistance.  Pauline said that the applicant would go to the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust and fill out their application.   The Trust would then determine if the applicant demonstrates need, is qualified, and would recommend approval.

Keith said that an Equal Protection Policy is important.  This policy was established in the county with paramedics.  Keith recommended a tight agreement because there is possibility to litigate if tenure requirements aren’t met.  For example if the staff person receives the full $3,000 there is a formal written agreement; if less, then the level of paperwork could be less.  John said his concern is that the wording is open with regard to repayment, that there is potential for different treatment which could lead to law suit.  He said he was not comfortable with the repayment wording.  Keith said he can share verbiage and templates from the county with Valerie.  Pauline said that they can look at getting on the application form that some of the assistance may need to be repaid and some may be a gift so that all applicants get that same information.  Valerie said that there is one clear request for assistance and doesn’t want to hold up the process in order to address the request.  She asked if the board’s direction was to take the draft to the Deputy County Attorney.  Judy emphasized that the Foundation wants to help now, but that anything executed now is interim and the applicant has been told this.  Carol asked if there was a way to fast track this while ensuring we do it correctly.  John suggested that more work can be done on this issue before the July library board meeting.  Valerie acknowledged that she understood the library board’s direction to have the Deputy County Attorney review the language and to meet in the interim in order to make progress before the July library board meeting.

FY 2017 Budget – Cash Reserve and Capital Repairs Reserve Allocations

Katherine asked if the cash and capital repairs reserve allocations followed formulas.  Valerie said that they did, and that it is good practice to ensure that the capital repairs reserve is funded fully following the formulas as the building ages.

Action Item:  Mark moved to approve the Cash Reserve and Capital Repairs Reserve allocations.  Ari seconded.  All voted in favor.

Summary of Public Notice Comments on TCL Internet Use Policy and TCL Service Animal Behavior Policy

Valerie said that as of June 15, no public comment has been received on the policies.  The 45 day public comment period was noticed in Jackson Hole News and Guide, the paper of record.  We will bring back this item at the July library board meeting for approval of the policies.

Survey of Local Bank Interest Rates and Services

John said that there is no requirement to make a change in our banking relationship unless we see a need and benefit.  He continued that both the money and the relationships were important considerations.  The options were to have Mary Jo explore relationship with First Interstate Bank or have the Treasurer and Library Services Coordinator follow up with Rocky Mountain Bank to see if the interest rates and terms still applied, and to clarify the type of customer service relationship they would provide.  Katherine said that if all things are equal, we should consider pursuing the best interest rates.  Mark said he needed to recuse himself from the discussion.  John noted that we do not have to issue a RFP, and that the sense he has from the library board is that Library Administration and the Treasurer should continue to pursue more information on banking services, customer service relationships and interest rate information.

Other Matters

Community member, Mike McKean introduced himself.  As a small business owner, the technology assistance he received from the Technology Instruction Coordinator, prior to the staff person leaving that position, was elemental to the development of his business.  His question was when that kind of instruction was going to be put back in place.  Valerie responded that she would be happy to schedule a meeting with Mr. McKean to discuss further.  The short response was that the former staff person had a unique skill set in which he was able to provide a broad range of technology instruction, including more specialized things like website development.  The library is providing instruction, but the instruction is more specifically focused on accessing our library materials and resources.  Mr. McKean responded that he was not informed that the former staff person was leaving nor asked for his input.  When asked by others in the community, he would tell them that the library was not going to replace the staff position that had provided technology assistance.


Action Item:  John moved to adjourn the library board meeting and move into Executive Session.  All voted in favor.