Teton County Library Afterschool Activities Facilitators

Teton County Library provides a drop-in afterschool environment.  On average, about 40-50 youth daily come to the library afterschool for computer use, studying, reading, gaming, socializing, downtime, and daily facilitated activities.  For many youth, being at the library afterschool is one of their first experiences being in a public space independently.  We believe this is an important learning experience and we work with youth as they learn this new independence.

The core of what we offer in our afterschool environment, and what we are seeking to create through facilitated afterschool activities, is an atmosphere of meaningful engagement in an activity with peers and caring adults.  The activity’s curriculum and subject-based learning outcomes, while important, are secondary.  Activities that engage tactile senses tend to work well.  Due to the drop-in nature of activities, it is not necessary that activities build upon each other week to week.  In fact, stand-alone activities are often most successful.  We look forward to your creative proposals to engage our afterschool youth in meaningful afterschool activities.

RFP Process and Timeline

Please submit a completed proposal to Mary Flamino, Youth Services Manager. Submit proposals via email to mflamino@tclib.org  by 5pm on Friday, August 4, 2017. Proposals will be reviewed August 7-11. Candidates will be selected by August 14, 2017. The orientation of selected facilitators will take place the week of September 4.

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