Public PCs, Wi-Fi and Equipment

Both the Main and Alta Branches feature computers that offer access to the Internet, electronic databases, library catalogs and software.
Both locations offer free Wi-Fi access during open hours.
View Alta specifics.
View full Internet & Computer Policies.

Use a Computer
  • Anyone with a valid TCL library card can use our PCs.
  • Out-of-town visitors may request a guest pass from a staff desk.
  • Patrons receive 90 minutes/day except the children’s PCs which are limited to two (2) 30 minutes sessions/day.
  • Patrons also may use the 15 minute express machines as needed.
  • Software includes: Internet, Microsoft Office 2007, Photo editing and media playing software.

Use Wi-Fi
  • Search for wireless networks on your device: our access points all begin with “TCL_” + the location, e.g. TCL_B_Fireplace.
  • Select the access point with the strongest signal and the highest letter (N is higher than B).
  • Open a web browser on your device.
  • Accept the library’s Terms of Service Agreement.

Print, Copy, Scan, Fax

Printing available at our Public PCs in both wings.
We do not offer printing from mobile and personal devices.
Black and white = $0.15/side (default double-sided)
Color: = $0.75/side
Print your documents at the Print Release Station.
Located next to the Staff Desk in each wing.
Black and white only: $0.15/copy.
Limit 20 pages. If your printing needs exceed the 20 pages please visit a community print and copy store.
Located at the Main Wing Computer Center.
Located at the Main Wing Computer Center.
Public outgoing fax service available for a fee.
No international faxes.
Located at the Main Wing Computer Center.

Other Equipment available for public use on site:

  • Microfilm Machine
  • Game Consoles: xBox 360, PS3 and xBox Kinect (Kinect available for teens only)
  • TVs
  • Blu-Ray/DVD players