Alta Baby time

Bond with your baby through play

TIME: 12-12:30pm

DATE: Thursdays

LOCATION: Alta Branch Library

Alta Baby time

What is Baby Time?

Baby time is a child-directed free play program, for children from birth through age 2 and their caregivers. After free play, there will be a 10-minute circle time that includes bounces, fingerplays, and songs.

Why play?

• Play stimulates your child’s brain development.
• Play helps your child learn about their world.
• Play fuels your child’s curiosity, encourages and builds their imaginations through “makebelieve”
and creative activities and helps them make friends and understand both their own
feelings and the feelings of others.
• Play is the purpose of childhood.

When you play with your child:

Be happy and involved.
Exercise your mind and try to think like them.
Follow their rules.
Understand your child might need some solitary play.
Nurture their interests.