Cabin Fever Story Slam

Live Storytelling Competition

TIME: 7 p.m.

DATE: Stay tuned for next season!

LOCATION: Pink Garter Theatre

Cabin Fever Story Slam

Tell a true story, inspired by our themes, without notes, in less than five minutes and win accolades for your storytelling prowess, plus free pizza!

How to compete

Show up and throw your name in the hat. We’ll select 10 storytellers at random. Storytellers will be judged on how well they stick to our theme, stay within 5 minutes and set up a conflict and resolution. No notes!


The first 10 storytellers to drop their name in the hat earn a free drink token.
Storytellers who take the stage earn a free slice of Pinky G’s pizza.
First-place winner in January receives two free tickets to the JAN 26 Moth show at The Center.
Top three storytellers win prizes, including our coveted Cabin Fever cap.


Tips for preparing

Storytelling samples and more tips:

The Moth: True Stories Told Live
The Moth: Storytelling Tips