Afterschool at the Library

What you need to know

Structured Activities

MON-FRI, 3:30-4:30 p.m., see calendar here
Youth Auditorium
Grades 2 to 6 (Ages 8 to 12)

  • Remember, children under age 8 must be supervised by someone age 12 or older. 
  • Please consider whether your child is mature enough to handle being unsupervised in a public space before sending them to the library after school. 
  • Make sure your child knows that if they leave a structured activity early they will not be allowed to return to the activity.

For you to print

Permission Slip  | Hoja de permiso
Do's and Don'ts | Lo que debe hacer y no debe hacer

DO:  Keep your child safe

Discipline & Safety: Inappropriate behavior

  • Any of your child’s behaviors that staff deem unsafe, disruptive or disrespectful - to themselves, other children, staff, volunteers or other library patrons - will result in your child needing to leave the library (for the day or longer). This includes physical actions and verbal interactions, as well as damage to facilities, yard and landscaping, equipment or supplies. 
  • If your child engages in behavior that is unsafe, disruptive or disrespectful, you will be called and you must make arrangements to pick up your child. Your child will remain with library staff until you arrive.
  • Library staff will discuss the inappropriate behavior/incident with you and your child and review the library’s behavior and use expectations.
  • Repetitive misbehavior may be documented in an incident report and may result in loss of library privileges for a period of time determined by our Youth Services Manager and Library Director.

Discipline and safety is a partnership between the library and parents. If a parent is unreachable, police will be called. If a parent is unresponsive to the library’s communication regarding discipline and safety, the library may revoke the child’s library privilege for a period of time determined by our Youth Services Manager and Library Director.

Structured Activities, MON-FRI

MON.......Movie Mondays
TUES.....Crafts with Rachel
WED.......Perler beads with Beth
THURS...Art Association of Jackson Hole
FRI..........Fun Fridays with Laura