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Current trivia question:

What actress has won more Academy Awards than current nominee Meryl Streep?


Katharine Hepburn won 4 Oscars during her career. Ingrid Bergman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep tie for second with 3 Oscars each. Celebrate "awards season" by checking out films by these and other Oscar winners.

Recent trivia questions:

Which candidate for Best Librarian in Planet Jackson Hole Best of Jackson Hole readers poll is known for his natty style of dress and taste in music? Which candidate is known for his love of LaCroix water and for serving Rasperry Pi to teens?


Part A) Joe Gagnon. He's a 5-year library worker known for bow ties and the color purple, and for purchasing all our music cds, like For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986 by The Replacements. 

Part B) Wren Kominos-Marvell. He's been with the library since  2016, prefers LaCroix Tangerine flavor, and is offering a Programming Games with Python class for teens, beginning FEB 10.

Vote here for Best Librarian.

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