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What vegan, gluten-free, paleo-friendly ingredient provides traction in some snow tires? Answer: walnut shells

More help we can offer on the topic of winterizing:

Use the database AllData in the library for instant access to a single source of accurate, up-to-date OE-direct diagnosis, repair, and maintenance information.

Check Consumer Reports database or magazine to find out the top-rated snow tires.

Find great slow-cooker recipes in our collection.

Research Questions

Looking for a local news article from 1984 to help solve a family mystery? Trying to make an informed choice for your next mattress? Need a stack of books pulled to help you put together an anti-inflammatory diet? We're on it! The research team can help you find trustworthy resources to answer life's burning questions. Email us at

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Your history teacher just assigned you a research project that's worth a third of your grade.  Don't panic!  The research team can steer you toward reliable resources that will support your thesis and help you ace the assignment. Appointments available for one-on-one or group help.

Teachers! Bring your students to the library for a tour of the collection and some pointers on how to do research using library databases. 

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Looking for your next great read? Your Personal Librarian can suggest a list of books for you to try. Click here to get started.