Nature Nights

image of waterfall in yellowstone national park

Tuesday night is nature night!

All are welcome for these informal & informative presentations by Geologists of Jackson Hole, JH Bird & Nature Club, and Wyoming Native Plant Society. Meetings take place in the Ordway Auditorium, unless COVID restrictions dictate that meetings are to held online via Zoom.

Geologists of Jackson Hole

What is really happening in Greenland, Melt, Sea-level rise and all that 

TUE, SEPT 6, 6:00 p.m.
Ordway Auditorium or Via Zoom (online)
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Presented by Dr. Neil Frank Humphrey, University of Wyoming: The artic is warming and the Greenland is melting.  What do we know and why do we care? A common headline in the media is "Greenland is melting".  The underlying story usually points out that Greenland, which is by far the largest mass of ice in the Northern hemisphere, contains enough water to raise sea-level by 20 feet.  Are these media reports all hype, or is Florida really doomed in the next few years?  In this talk I will discuss what we know and don't know about how climate warming is affecting the cryosphere, with a focus on Greenland. In particular, we will look at some of the research that is trying to answer the very difficult problem of predicting the real future of this large ice mass. As an added bonus, we will answer the question: why is Greenland called Greenland?

Insights from surficial geologic mapping in northwest Wyoming 

TUE, OCT 4, 6:00 p.m.
Ordway Auditorium or Via Zoom (online)  
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Presented by James Mauch, Wyoming State Geological Survey: Northwest Wyoming is a region renowned for its dynamic and well-preserved Quaternary geology. For the past three years the Wyoming State Geological Survey has been mapping the surficial geology of the Jackson Lake and Ramshorn 30’ x 60’ quadrangles in an effort to better understand the region’s Quaternary geology and geologic hazards. This work is part of a broader effort to complete statewide surficial geologic mapping at scale of 1:100,000. This talk will cover several of the notable findings from this mapping effort. 

JH Bird & Nature Club

Ask the Birdbrains! Q&A with JHB&NC Birders
TUE, AUG 23, 6:00 p.m.

Okay, you asked for it!  Direct your questions about bird behavior, ecology, migration and identification to a group of the area's most active birders.  Why is that robin attacking my windows?

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Teton Plant Society

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