Let's Talk About Death series

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Get practical with these talks designed to help you plan ahead for your peace of mind and those you leave behind.

Writing to remember: Obituary and Eulogy Writing Workshop 

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It’s not easy to write about somebody soon after they die. Jackson Hole News&Guide reporters still have to do so when a notable member of the community passes away, whether someone as infamous as William “Billy" Saunders of Bondurant and Jackson Hole fame, or a younger member of the community like drummer and beloved bartender Wolfgang Reckart of The Rose. Reporters will talk about how to craft a story that encapsulates a life, and get ready to write about somebody’s passing.

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Tom Hallberg: The News&Guide’s health and education reporter, Tom Hallberg has a background in creative writing and recently written feature-length obituaries when notable members of the community passed away.

Emily Mieure: Emily Mieure is the News&Guide’s cops and courts reporter and has years of experience working with families to tell stories about their recently departed dearly beloved. 

Mark Huffman: Mark Huffman edits copy and occasionally writes some, too. He's been a journalist since newspapers had typewriters and darkrooms and recently won an award for his obituary on William “Billy” Saunders.

Billy Arnold: The News&Guide’s arts and entertainment editor spent a lot of time trying to distill quirky personalities into a few hundred words. He keeps memory logs to better remember and honor people in his life, whether in a wedding speech or a eulogy.

Estate Planning: Safeguard What You Value

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Join local attorney Nancy Norton for a walk through estate planning topics everyone should know about. She will review the core estate planning documents you should have---or update---to protect you and your family. The documents are: Powers of Attorney for Health Care, Powers of Attorney for Legal and Financial Matters and Wills. You may also be a good candidate to set up a Revocable Living Trust, especially if you own a home or other real estate. She will also touch on what ‘probate’ means and the importance of designating beneficiaries on your financial accounts. This presentation is intended for anyone looking to learn the basics of estate planning, regardless of your age, health or wealth. We will also review common myths to help you overcome procrastination about making your estate plan. If you have ever thought: “Who will speak for me if I can’t tell my doctor what treatment I want?” or “What will happen to my kids if I can’t care for them any longer?” or “What’s going to happen to my nest egg when I leave this earth?” then this presentation is for you.

image of Nancy NortonNancy Norton is an estate planning and elder law attorney located in Jackson, Wyoming. Nancy has been an attorney for 28 years, most of it working in a global financial services company. She has worked on many types of legal issues during her career, including contracts, retirement plan issues and trusts. Nancy’s work is now dedicated to helping individuals and families protect their assets, in some cases accumulated over a lifetime of hard work, and preserving their unique legacy for loved ones.

Facing Mortality: Hospice Services and Coping with Grief
Thursday, November 19
6:00 PM

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In this presentation I hope to provide participants with a thorough understanding of how Hospice supports people as they approach the end of their lives as well as clarifying common experiences people have when dealing with grief. Preparing for the eventuality of having to confront our own or our friend's/family member's mortality can help us make decisions that are more in line with our values. We can respond more effectively to the loss of someone important to us if we have a fundamental understanding of what to expect. 

Oliver Goss has been working as a Hospice Social Worker for over 10 years and has come to understand how the death and dying process affects people and their families. His work over the years has included working with at risk adolescents, children, families, and couples in schools, mental health agencies, and private practice settings. He has practiced as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2003.