Propose a Program

Is your organization interested in hosting a monthly program at the library? Read the following guidelines to see if your program is a good fit. Find the application link at the end of the guidelines.

Teton County Library Community-Led Programming Guidelines

Teton County Library is dedicated to providing quality services for all community members through a wide variety of programs. While Teton County Library designs and presents programs, it recognizes that many organizations provide services or disseminate information of value to the community outside the expertise of library staff. Community-Led programs are intended to assist community organizations by providing them access to a program venue, presentation equipment, and program marketing, while allowing the Library to offer an additional service to library patrons and the community.

Teton County Library may co-host a Community-Led program with an outside organization when the program furthers the Library’s vision, mission, or strategic plan goals and serves the interests of the residents of Teton County.

A Community-Led program is intended to be a one-year, once-per-month series of programs planned by an outside organization held in the Ordway Auditorium or other appropriate space at the Teton County Library. Programs may involve a performance, lecture, author signing, or other educational, recreational, or cultural activity. Commercial activities shall not take place at a program nor be promoted before or after the program activities.

Organizations invited to present Community-Led programming at the Library include but are not limited to:

  • Local, state, and federal government agencies;
  • Schools and educational institutions;
  • Arts and cultural organizations;
  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Community groups and clubs

Community-led programs at Teton County Library:

  • Must further the library’s strategic plan, vision, or mission;
  • Must enhance library services;
  • Must increase awareness and use of library resources;
  • Must be high-quality, engaging, and focused on education, information, or cultural enrichment;
  • Must be free and open to the public;
  • Must appeal to a variety of age groups, cultures, and interests;
  • Must be developed with consideration for the principles of accessibility and equity;
  • Must not be redundant with other community programs;
  • Must be a series of monthly programs (maximum 1 program per month for up to 12 months);
  • Must be at least 1 hour in length but not longer than 2 hours;
  • Must allow for sufficient planning time. Proposals must be submitted annually by May 31 with the program series running September-August.

 Benefits of Community-Led Programs include:

  • Use of Teton County Library's Ordway Auditorium without charge;
  • Training for program organizer and/or designee on use of library equipment and meeting room procedures. Promotion of programs in Teton County Library events calendar and other marketing avenues;
  • Library displays. At its discretion, the Library may opt to display relevant materials and resources at programs;
  • Remote library staff liaison support, as necessary.

Teton County Library reserves the right to decline any Community-Led program proposal.

Once a Community-Led Program Proposal is submitted, the appropriate program coordinator or department manager will evaluate the proposal. Only applicants whose proposals are accepted will be notified.

Teton County Library does not endorse the content or views expressed in Community-Led programs.

Approval of a particular program or programs does not guarantee approval of future programs nor does it confer any additional benefits to the presenter not explicitly described in these guidelines.

All community-led programs are subject to the Meeting Spaces and Study Rooms Policy & Guidelines.

Program organizer and/or trained designee must be present for all programs and is responsible for program set-up/take-down including room cleanup.

All marketing materials created by the outside organization must include the Teton County Library logo and the statement “A community-led program co-hosted by Teton County Library.” All marketing materials (press releases, flyers, posters, social media posts, etc.) must be approved for use by the library staff liaison prior to publication.

Teton County Library reserves the right to cancel or discontinue an organization’s program(s) if the Library deems any of the above guidelines are violated.

Teton County Library reserves the right to use video or photographs taken of program participants for internal use, publication, and use in library promotional outlets, and for program evaluation purposes.

Teton County Library has a variety of meeting spaces and study rooms available for programs and events not co-hosted by the Library.

To submit a Library co-hosted community-led program proposal, please complete an application.