Little Free Libraries

Teton County Library Friends maintains six Little Free Libraries book exchange boxes around town, from which people may take free books, and leave books for others to take. The boxes, which bear a slight resemblance to oversized bird houses, are part of a worldwide network of more than 70,000 such libraries, fostering the exchange of millions of books each year. The non-profit Little Free Library was established after founder Todd H. Bol installed the first one in 2009, with the goals of inspiring love of reading, building community, and sparking creativity.

Little Free Library


  • Aspen Meadows apartments
  • Blair Place apartments
  • Garaman Park
  • Mike Yokel Park
  • Hoback Market
  • Dornans in Moose

Volunteers Can Help

Volunteers act as stewards for the Little Free Libraries, stocking them with book donations made to the library sorting room, and keeping the boxes and their contents clean and in good working order. The boxes can be recognized by the Teton County Library Friends logo, and are stocked with books for all ages.