Alternative Energy Series

image of model of nuclear reactor

The Future of Nuclear Energy

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Ordway Auditorium 

Join us for a discussion about the future of nuclear energy featuring experts from Idaho National Laboratory. Carbon-free nuclear power is an important part of the world’s clean energy future, and Idaho National Laboratory is at the center of advanced nuclear research. Come learn about INL's partnerships with private industry and communities and how alternative energies work with nuclear.

The Panelists

Todd Allen
An offer to skip a high school history class to listen to a Navy ROTC recruiter sent Todd Allen on a serendipitous journey that led to him becoming one of the top U.S. experts in nuclear energy. He is the Glenn F. and Gladys H. Knoll Department Chair of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan. From 2013-2016, he helped lead Idaho National Laboratory as the deputy laboratory director for Science and Technology, and contributed to the development of the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear initiative announced at the White House in 2015.

Shannon Bragg-Sitton
Shannon Bragg-Sitton is an internationally recognized pioneer in the innovative application of nuclear energy alongside other clean energy
generators. Her goals in these areas are to maximize energy utilization, generate profitability, and achieve grid reliability and resilience through systems integration. Bragg-Sitton is the director for the Integrated Energy and Storage Systems Division in the Energy and Environment Science and Technology directorate at Idaho National Laboratory and serves as the national technical director for the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy Integrated Energy Systems program.

Ashley Finan
Ashley Finan is the director of the National Reactor Innovation Center, where she helps provide resources to reactor innovators to test,
demonstrate and conduct performance assessments to accelerate deployment of advanced nuclear technology concepts. She has worked as a strategy and engineering consultant, and has contributed to analyses of the techno-economic potential of energy efficiency improvements in the residential and commercial sectors and several related topics.

John Revier – Moderator
John Revier serves as the director of External Engagement and Communications for Idaho National Laboratory. In this capacity, Revier manages teams charged with the lab’s industry engagement, government affairs outreach, community and regional relationships, and communications.Before coming to INL in 2015 as the director of state and regional government affairs, Revier served for over 14 years as Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson’s legislative director and deputy chief of staff. Prior to that, Revier worked for Minnesota Sen. Rod Grams in both his state and Washington, D.C., offices.

image of solar panels on a snowy landscape

Solar Technology: Past and Present

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Ordway Auditorium 

This presentation by Creative Energies reviews the history of solar technology and how it relates to policy, such as when solar technology was invented and introduced, and how some of the first subidies came out in the 70s. We will explore just how solar panels work and go through the installation process. The current landscape of solar is an important (and big) topic that we will address, such as solar companies coming and going at a rapid rate, abandoned systems needing service, what we do when panels need to be replaced. We will also talk about the tangible benefits of utilizing solar energy.